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Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Turkey is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with two blue round neck.

The Most Beautiful Holiday Of Your Life That You Will Spend in The Endless Blue

A yacht charter in Turkey offers some of the most beautiful sights and ensures great experiences for all those who join! With fun in the sun and the chance to explore a number of different towns along the coast of this sublime country, you truly are in for a once in a lifetime experience! We here at Naviera Yachting have some of the best yacht charter itineraries, going to many beautiful destinations around the Turkish coast. For a yacht rental in Turkey that will include unique destinations and a warm and fun crew, look no further than Naviera Yachting!

Naviera Yachting Gulet Models That Can Be Chartered in Turkey

From a standard to a luxury yacht charter in Turkey, we here at Naviera Yachting offer many different types of boats in varying sizes to ensure that the needs of our customers are met. Whether you are looking to rent a standard yacht or are hoping for a once in a lifetime luxury experience, we are sure to have an option that is suited to your needs! For the best private yacht charter, be sure to contact us for more information about our different types of gulet charters that are available for rent.

Where Can You Go On Your Yacht Charter in Turkey?

Bodrum is one of the most popular towns in Turkey, with beautiful coastal views, a lively crowd through the summer season and tons to do and see, it is a popular stop to visit or begin your trip! One of the great things about Bodrum is that there is an airport very close to the marina, making it an easy location to either be dropped off or picked up, and the sights along the coast are nothing short of breathtaking. As far as a yacht charter in Turkey, Bodrum is one of the most amazing places to visit!

One of the things that Fethiye is most well-known for is the natural harbour and the islands that sit off the shore of this beautiful town! With your own yacht, you will be able to explore these coastal islands and enjoy the vibrant blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea!

As far as small and beautiful coastal towns go, Göcek has to be one of the best! When you hire a yacht charter in Turkey, including a stop in this beautiful town would be an amazing way to spend a few hours, whether you want to explore on land or spend a few hours snorkelling in the sea.

For some of the most amazing yacht rentals in Turkey, Naviera yachting has ensured that numerous different ports and stops can be included, including the beautiful town of Marmaris.

What Are The Gulet Charter Prices in Turkey?

For those looking for a gulet charter in Turkey, to ensure that all guests have options when it comes to the types of yacht charters and prices, we have a wide range of gulets available. We have standard, luxury, delux and VIP offers available to ensure that no matter what type of holiday you are after, there is something that suits your needs and requirements.

What Are The Places To Visit Close To Turkish Ports?

The places to visit on land range and depend on where your yacht charter is scheduled to take you. Turkey is a vibrant country and the coastline offers tons of different sights, from great beaches to historical and ancient monuments, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to do! Feel free to speak to our travel agents when planning your on-shore excursions, as they will be able to point you in the direction of the best sights to see! SHOW MORE


Length: 30 | Guest: 9 | Cabins: 4 | Crew: 4 - FROM € 12.600 PER WEEK -


Length: 27,8 | Guest: 10 | Cabins: 5 | Crew: 4 - FROM € 11.200 PER WEEK -


Length: 30 | Guest: 20 | Cabins: 8 | Crew: 4 - FROM € 8.750 PER WEEK -