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Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Turkey is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with two blue round neck.
You will first realize a high number of gulets, anchored near the tiny Fethiye Island, right against the most popular Calis Beach at the center. You may easily join the band of vessels that sail out to explore the beauties at the vicinity. Some tiny islands around are worth a travel, as well as the coves and inlets that are situated at the southern line. You will have a glimpse of what you will experience in your gulet trip as a whole, even in the first day.

Great food and sightseeing locations are present here, also the historical sites to be explored during a regularly sunny afternoon. Ancient rock tombs of Lycian kings are some of the most popular heritage areas.

This is also a privileged spot both being easily accessible to other Turkish coastline delights and also the glorious Greek islands, Kos being the closest neighbor.

The peninsula is not a fad of the holidaymakers for the last decades, on the contrary, it has been a center of the southwestern Turkish coastline reaching out to ancient times.

As you sail away from your naturally protected harbor of Fethiye, you will have the chance to stop by many of the islands in the bay area, known as “Twelve Islands” and each having different features and stories to tell. Tersane being the biggest in the bay and Gocek Island another major one will surely exceed your expectations of those tiny gems. Going south the nature will start to dominate and make it presence felt more and more.

Oludeniz town is surely not a place to be missed during a gulet trip starting from Fethiye. An exquisite inlet of still waters and among a densely green and rugged area, this is the town a high number of visitors come here for. There are many more coves and valleys to be explored in this southern region of Fethiye and Oludeniz is another serene center right in the middle of the wild.

Also, going souther you can have the chance to visit the fascinating Valley of the Butterflies, another preservation area, easiest accessible from the sea, thanks to your private gulets in Turkey you will have no problems about that detail.

Both for being in nature, on land and sea, and for tasting the pleasures of more densely populated areas, Fethiye is a perfect location to start you lovely gulet charter Turkey. Also visit Yacht Charter Turkey page. SHOW MORE


Length: 34 | Guest: 10 | Cabins: 5 | Crew: 4 - FROM € 14.000 PER WEEK -


Length: 30 | Guest: 12 | Cabins: 6 | Crew: 4 - FROM € 7.850 PER WEEK -


Length: 34 | Guest: 10 | Cabins: 5 | Crew: 7 - FROM € 45.000 PER WEEK -