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Are You Ready To Travel To A Dream In The Eastern Mediterranean?

Your dream trip on one of Naviera gulet charters would open up tons of opportunities to explore all that the eastern Mediterranean has to offer! With beautiful beaches, stunning crystal clear water and the chance to enjoy this all in the height of luxury, gulet charters are one of the best ways to experience the Mediterranean. A dream trip is closer than you think thanks to the offers available from Naviera Yachting, as a world of options and price ranges are available for guests hoping to rent a gulet in turkey!

How Do You Charter A Gulet?

Renting a gulet has never been easier than it is with Naviera Yachting! Thanks to our online platform, getting in touch with our travel agents can be done over a message, email or over the phone if that is what you prefer. Once you have spoken to one of our agents and let them know your preferences, they will work to plan the most amazing trip! Guests are able to choose between a number of different gulet charters, available within a wide range of price options, ensuring that there is something for just about anyone. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will have to pay the gulet charter price and your trip will then be secured!

How Long Can You Charter A Gulet?

How long you charter a gulet for entirely depends on your own preferences and the availability of the gulet you have selected. While our online prices are based on rentals over an entire week, you can shorten this duration if that is what you would prefer. For a lengthened stay, you would have to enquire about the availability of the gulet, as during the high season there may be bookings following your trip. This can all be discussed with your travel agent!

What Are The Naviera Gulet Types and Their Prices?

There is an assortment of different gulet types to choose from that range when it comes to amenities, size and price. This wide range of charters available ensures that each of our guests has an option to suit their needs and requirements. Below are just a few of the different types of gulet charters available for rent!  

Economic Gulets

Economic gulets offer guests the chance to explore the Mediterranean Sea in a more affordable way. These gulet charters do not have the amenities that other gulets would offer, but do provide comfortable living quarters and a sailing crew that will ensure that you have the very best time! Explore as the Turkish once did in older styled gulets and get a truly memorable and unique yachting experience.  

Standard Gulets

Standard gulets refer to older and more traditional wooden gulets that are built before or during the early 2000s. These standard gulet charters are designed with simple, comfortable cabins and facilities that many guests find charming. One of the limitations to note is that air-conditioning may not be available on board these types of gulets.  

Luxury Gulets

Luxury gulets refer to yachts that have been built or renovated in the first 15 years of 2000s when more design and materials technology became available. Cabins on these gulet charters may vary in size from Master to doubles/ twins, and air-conditioning is available for an agreed period every day.  

Deluxe Gulets

Deluxe gulet charters have been more recently built/refit external and interior design features that are made using more modern materials, fittings and technologies. This adds to the comfort of your overall experience as both cabins and deck facilities are newer and more advanced!  The cabin sizes differ on each of the vessels and they may be smaller with around three cabins or larger with more cabins. Deluxe gulets include more generous air-conditioning hours.  

High Deluxe Gulets

The high deluxe gulets offer larger living spaces with more modern fixtures as these vessels have been built or renovated within the last ten years. Along with more advanced amenities and technologies on these gulet charters, guests are also afforded more air conditioning hours, ranging from 12 to 24 hours per day.  

VIP Gulets

VIP gulets are our most luxurious styled vessels, offering only the best and modern technologies fitted throughout the vessel. These gulets have been built or refitted within the last seven years, ensuring that guests are provided with only the best when it comes to the amenities offered. With a resemblance to a 5-star hotel on the water, those travellers looking to journey through the Mediterranean Sea in the height of luxury should look no further than VIP Gulets!

Are Gulets Unique in Their Layout?

Yes, one of the best things about chartering a gulet is that they are designed uniquely! Gulets are not mass produced but rather handcrafted, meaning that each design and boat have different layouts. To ensure that the gulet you charter is designed with a layout that suits the number of guests and families onboard, be sure to enquire with your Naviera Yachting broker! With cabins designed with different kinds of bed sizes, from singles to doubles, you want to be sure that your gulet is able to suit your party.

How Many Passengers Can a Gulet Take?

We have a wide range of gulet charters that are available for rent and they take different numbers when it comes to guests, depending on the size of the gulet and the facilities onboard. One of our largest gulets can sleep up to 18 guests, with eight cabins onboard. This is our largest gulet charter and we have tons of smaller options available to groups that are not quite this large.
To find out more about how many passengers each gulet is able to take on board per charter, refer to the individual gulet selections on our website. Each will give information on the number of guests and the number of cabins on each vessel. From Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye and Antalya gulet cruises, we have tons of different options when it comes to the different gulets on offer.
You can also feel free to contact one of our brokers and inform them of the number of passengers you are looking to accommodate and they will supply you with the different options within the size range you are after!

Are transfers included in the Gulet Price?

Meeting points will be discussed before you arrive to ensure that your gulet can meet you at the nearest dock! While transfers are not included within the price of your gulet, our team of travel agents would be more than happy to help secure a transfer on your behalf and arrange times with the transfer company! Whether you are looking at gulet charters in Bodrum or are hoping to enjoy a trip to Marmaris, we have tons of different options for you to consider and will make sure we meet you at the most convenient location!