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Choose The Gulet You Will Spend Your Best Holiday With Naviera Yachting

Enjoy The Journey in Luxury Gulet Cabins
Where You Can Sleep Comfortably And Keep Your Privacy

Each of our gulets are fitted with cabins to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible! We have a wide range of gulet charters with many different cabins and bed sizes. Gulets are uniquely designed and crafted as opposed to being mass produced, meaning that each different vessel has a different layout. By looking at the different individual gulet options, you will be able to see the different gulet cabins on each vessel. You can also let our yacht brokers know exactly what you are after and what the members of your party would prefer.

The Naviera Gulet Cabins

To suit the different needs of different guests looking to charter a gulet, we have different options when it comes to the size of the different gulets and the number of cabins. Below you can see the different number of cabins available on each of our different yachts.

The Gulet Cabin Prices

Generally, the more gulet cabins onboard the vessel, the higher the price to charter the yacht. To ensure that you find the perfect fit when it comes to the gulets on offer, speak to your yacht broker and find out about the different types of gulets and their individual layouts and cabin sizes. From twin gulet cabins to massive master suites, there are tons of options for you to consider when picking out the perfect gulet for your vacation!