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Before you book your once in a lifetime experience with Naviera Yachting, we are sure you have a couple of questions that you may want to be answered. See below for a couple of frequently asked questions about the different yachts, the crew on board and destinations for your yacht charter. If anything is not answered below, feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have! 

About The Crew

What do the crew do on board? Do they speak English or other languages?
How many people do you have on the crew?

About Gulets

How many people is the gulet that takes the most passengers?
Does the gulet sail? How often?
What is the difference between Standard, Luxury and Deluxe Gulets?
What is the cabin layout on a gulet, is it standard?
How many toilets and bathrooms are there in the gulets?

About Gulet Charter

How long can I charter a gulet for?
How do we find the gulet? Are transfers included?
What does the yacht broker at Naviera Yachting need to know when we enquire?

About Naviera Yachting Prices

How is a Naviera Yachting Charter Priced? What do your listed prices cover?
How Much is the Average Price to Rent a Gulet?

About Destinations

How long do we cruise each day? Do we stop often?
Are the cruising routes set itineraries or do we have a choice?

About Blue Cruise Turkey

What is the most preferred gulet in The Blue Cruise Turkey?
How much does Blue Cruise Turkey cost?
What services are included in Blue Cruise Turkey?

About Catering

What cuisines are cooking?
What arrangements are for catering on board?
Can we bring on board our own drinks from duty-free?

Naviera Yachting Exclusives

What do I bring for the cruise?
Is it a suitable environment for a family with children?
Is it suitable for honeymooners?
For how many hours a day is Air Conditioning provided?
We have a smoker in our group, can they smoke on board?