Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you have questions about yacht charter, gulet renting, boat renting or the difference between gulets and yachts, life on yachts? You will find answers to all the questions you can think about the blue tour and yacht charter on this page. You still haven't found it? Please do not hesitate to contact us from contact us part on website. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Gulets or gulet yachts with their other names are handmade ships made of wood by gullet masters. Gulets, also known as motor sailors, are extremely comfortable and ideal for long sea cruises and shore excursions. The gulets with the comfort of the hotel are very comfortable for long distance cruising rather than short journeys.

Turkish Gulets, which have a very long history, recall the ancient pirates ships. Modern gulets, those ships are much more modern and technological ones.

Invented to trade in ancient times, these boats carried wine, wheat, spices for centuries. From the Aegean coast to the Mediterranean coast, fish and wines were taken to every corner by these gulets. Such boats were built along Turkey's Aegean coast and was then transferred to and used in most of today's boatbuilders skills of design.

Classic gulets are between 14-60 meters long. Because it is wood, it moves heavily, does not cause much jarring, it is spacious and comfortable. Gulets have a structure that is not makes you tired at long blue tours. You can feel like you are in a floating hotel. There are large decks and sunbathing areas, indoor and outdoor dining and relaxation areas. It is safe thanks to its powerful motors. Our gulets offer a unique experience throughout your journey with all special and professional kitchen facilities. You can have various alternative holiday opportunities with luxury and super-luxury gulet models

You can also experience a unique sailing experience if the weather conditions are suitable in our single-mast and double-mast gulets. What could be better for your family and loved ones to experience the peace of the blues under a sparkling sky?
Captain tours are ideal both for family holidays and group holidays. While you are enjoying your magnificent blue tour, your children can enjoy exploring the surroundings. Every year thousands of children sail the Mediterranean coast. Charter holidays are exciting for children of all ages. Every day is ideal for them to explore different islands and harbors. The yachts have life jackets and seat belts for children. Gulet cruise holidays are extremely enjoyable, safe and fun for both children and adults.
The shark attack is mostly in the deep seas and the oceans. There are no sharks in the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. We never seen the shark attack on Turkey's coasts. All you can swim safely on the shores of Turkey.
No pets are allowed on the boat due to both animal safety and cleaning rules. You can contact your agent for exceptional cases.
You can specify the food you want to have in the menu during the yacht rental. If you are allergic to any food, if you need special menus for diseases such as blood pressure or diabetes you need to inform our team in advance.Our chefs in the Gulets are wonderful cooks. No doubt that they will prepare you wonderful food during your trip.
Our travel experts can prepare tour programs for you in your style. You can choose the one that is best for you from the different programs they prepare. If you wish, you can ask them to create a new program by directing them.
The cabins are extremely spacious and comfortable in each of our gulets. You can bring all the items you may need during your journey. Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and towels, especially before you can prepare everything you may need.
There is insurance throughout the trip in accordance with your rental contract. however, you are advised to take out travel insurance to protect you and your loved ones from all unforeseen circumstances. You can review your contract for information about the Charter insurance coverage.
If you would like to take diving course during your blue cruise we can arrange diving course trainers. Also we can arrange diving tours for you and your family a boat with special diving equipments. These trainings can be daily or weekly.
If you would like to do yoga or pilates during your cruise we would be very happy to arrange teachers for these. Some of our crew members also have yoga and pilates teaching certificates.
if weather conditions are available you are welcome to have sailing experience with the captain. If you want to sail alone you should have sailing certificate.Almost all of our charming gulets have full sailing equipment.
We offer all the concierge services you may want during your journey on the sea. Everything from booking a private hotel on your route to booking a table at the most elegant restaurant in the city. We can organize everything for you, including tickets for special events. Just let us know what you would desire.
Of course! We don't rent a yacht we've never seen. We check all the details for our guests and make sure that everything is ready before our guest be onboard.
Traditional Turkish gulets have captain, sailors, chef to prepare you great meals and other team members according to the size of the yacht. Large luxury gulets have hostesses and staff that services you.
All you need is email or phone us. Our experts will reach you and learn what would you like to do. They will learn; which type of holiday you want, which type of places you want to see, how many days you have for holiday, what type of gulet you would want. After that our experts will prepare amazing charter holiday plan for you.