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There are more than 1200 islands in Croatia, some of which are protected national parks home to unique species of flora and wildlife. Gulet Holiday is the ideal location for anyone who wishes to get a feel for the culture of Croatia while also appreciating its natural beauty.
The coastline of Croatia is famed all over the globe for its stunningly secluded coves, its hundreds of quaint fishing towns, its famous filming settings, its delectable Mediterranean cuisine, and its abundance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. By far, navigating these wonders by boat is the most enjoyable way. There is a wide selection of boats that can be chartered in Croatia. Still, we strongly advise going with a gulet since they are historically significant and provide the highest luxury.

A gulet is a traditional wooden boat built for relaxed travel from the bay to bay, making it an excellent option for families or groups of friends. Every gulet available for charter in Croatia is like a floating home; it is completely outfitted for comfortable living and comes with various extra amenities, such as fishing gear and kitchenware for water sports, to ensure that you have the best possible time on the water.

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Croatian gulets are beautiful wooden boats, ideal for private or group trips in the Adriatic. In Croatia, a trip on the water aboard a gulet is a common form of vacationing. Among sailing holidays, gulet charters are one of the few that successfully blend modern conveniences with rustic allure. Explore the beautiful Croatian islands or unwind in privacy and style on the Adriatic coast.
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Several types of sailing gulets are available for hire from our company in Croatia. Gulets are unlike any other charter boats since they are made entirely by hand out of mahogany, pine, and teak.


There are plenty options for gulets available in Croatia. All of the gulets that we have available for luxury gulet charter in croatia come fully staffed with professional crew members who will see to all of your requirements. These crew members include an experienced captain who is familiar with all of the hidden treasures that the Adriatic Sea has to offer, a cook who will prepare the finest Croatian traditional delicacies, as well as a sailor and a hostess who will be at your service at all times during your cruise. One of the primary benefits of taking a trip on a gulet is that the itinerary is not decided upon before; instead, you get to pick it yourself, and it will be planned according to your preferences.
The passage from Split to Dubrovnik in one direction provides access to several safe anchorages and bays. You can get the most out of your gulet charter in Croatia if you book this cruise for a whole week. You will be able to see the most beatuful places, and by the time your trip is through, you will have a distinct impression that you have seen all there is to see. One of the most enjoyable and stress-free holidays you can ever have is to rent a gulet in Croatia and sail throughout the country. It is exciting in some ways and yet calming in others. Get in touch with us with complete assurance, and we will happily select and reserve the ideal boat for your gulet holiday in Croatia.