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Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Italy is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with two blue round neck.

The Most Luxurious And Enjoyable Way To Plan Your Holiday is Possible With Naviera Yachting

A luxury yacht charter in Italy would be an amazing way to experience this beautiful country! With the chance to explore the coast and visit the small towns and cities that thrive in this part of the world, you can be sure to have the most memorable experiences. For the best private yacht charter in Italy, look no further than Naviera Yachting as we have a wide range of different vessels to suit the needs of your group coming on board. For a yacht holiday in Italy that you will never forget, look no further than Naviera yachting!

The Best Gulet Models For Your Yacht Charter In Italy

While most gulets are generally produced in Turkey, this does not mean that our guests are limited to only experiencing travel in this region of the world. Exploring the Italian coast on one of the gulets we have on offer would be an amazing way to experience the beauty of this region. From the small towns you are able to visit the spectacular untouched coastline of the places in between these towns, you can be sure to have the experience of a lifetime while on a yacht charter in Italy.

Where Can You Charter A Yacht in Italy?

The Amalfi coast is one of Italy's most popular attractions, with unrivalled beauty that is like nothing else in the world! Set below stunning cliffs and rolling hills along the southwestern coast of Italy, Amalfi is a beautiful town with a lot to offer those who travel to this region, from the quaint town to the vibrant beaches! Whether you are looking for a small cove to park off at or are hoping to explore the beaches, there is tons to do when on a yacht charter in Amalfi!

The shores of the famous Italian Island of Capri are extremely popular and many of those who chose to hire a yacht charter in Italy will want to visit this magnificent island! One of the most beautiful sites to make sure you visit when in Capri is the blue grotto, which illuminates in a vibrant blue colour thanks to the cave's natural lighting!

The birthplace of pizza is another great spot to include when you hire a yacht charter in Italy! Along with being known for creating Pizza, the town is also located near the ancient town of Pompeii and the famous volcano that led to its destruction. Enjoy a slice of history when you charter a yacht in this beautiful part of Italy!

For boat rentals in Italy and tons of fun experiences, Naviera Yachting has included the beautiful Ponza on our list of possible destinations! Ponzo is a beautiful island that is located off the southwestern coast of Italy! This island is known for its beautiful views and traditional architecture, so be sure to include a stop in the port.

For history buffs who are hoping for an Italy yacht charter that will take them to Sicily, look no further! Sicily is another beautiful island that sits south of Italy and boasts historical landmarks that dates back hundreds of years!

What Are The Prices Of a Yacht Charter in Italy?

When it comes to yacht rentals in Italy, the price of the different vessels on offer depends on the time you visit, how long you stay and the size of your group. The prices also differ depending on whether you have a standard, luxury or deluxe yacht, for more information about these different options and their prices, talk to one of our travel agents!

What Are The Places To Visit Close To Italian Ports?

There are tons of different places to visit close to Italian ports, though the places you visit entirely depend on where your journey begins and ends. To find out more about the ports you are visiting and the best things to do when in these different regions, feel free to speak to our agents who will help explain the different options and sightseeing opportunities available. For a yacht holiday in Italy like nothing else you have ever experienced before, let us at Naviera help plan the perfect trip! SHOW MORE


Length: 27 | Guest: 12 | Cabins: 6 | Crew: 4 - FROM € 16.000 PER WEEK -


Length: 26 | Guest: 12 | Cabins: 6 | Crew: 4 - FROM € 17.900 PER WEEK -


Length: 23,8 | Guest: 8 | Cabins: 4 | Crew: 4 - FROM € 19.250 PER WEEK -