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Our Charter Management department team manages a fleet of over 100 yachts across the Croatia, Turkey and all Europe.
With some of the world's most experienced, reliable and qualified charter management
experts in the business, Naviera Charter Managers are expert professionals at placing your yacht and crew in the top ladder of yachts
available on the international luxury yacht market. The Naviera Charter Management team works relatively
with retail charter brokers from all around the world who trumpets
Naviera's charter yachts as the ultimate luxury yacht vacation to their customers.


All yacht owners find that there may be weeks or even months where people barely board their yacht as often as they would have loved to. Rather than keep the yacht stagnant in the port with a full crew still on your payroll, making the yacht available for select charters is a smart way to keeping it in smooth operational level.
Our Charter Management team will see to all contracts and negotiations with charter clients, while making sure that the yacht is available and in great working condition whenever you so desire to step aboard. Charter incomes supplement the operating budget of your yacht and offset expenses. Big ticket items like fuel, utilities and dockage are taken care of by the charterer.


Naviera deploys some of the most experienced, qualified and accountable charter management experts in the game. For each yacht we develop a strategic marketing plan, we place the right value proposition that will position it effectively in the international yacht market. Naviera will hype the profile of your yacht, help you negotiate the most favorable and profitable short-term incomes and increase its reputation to achieve a higher resale value over time.
Listing your yacht for charter, not only create value from a financial overview, but our experience reveals that frequent charters keep a yacht's crew motivated and adds to their years of experience. They can build their expertise, understanding, working relationship and geographical knowledge, along with increasing the softer skills needed to provide superior and better service.


Every owner and all captains know the most fun-filled and unique vacation anywhere in the world is a luxury yacht charter. The question now is: how to spread the news out? Chartering a superyacht is simply the most luxurious vacation available: our unique approach ensures your yacht is seen as the perfect holiday destination.
Our innovative approach to Charter Management is made to attract the right and interested client at the best-suited cost. As soon as your yacht joins up with the IYC fleet, we customize a marketing plan to ensure it incontrovertibly succeeds in a competitive and rugged market, with the aim of creating the most positive and skyrocketing returns.
You can rely on the professionalism of our charter managers to build for you the right marketing tools, helping you to obtain and distribute photographs, specification lists, layouts and brochures to display your yacht to the international charter brokerage community – online, in print media and even in person. We also help maximize your publicity through retail publications, direct networking, member and industry websites and major charter shows held at strategic and specific locations all through the year. We also develop and bear many of the inconsequential details such as suggested cruising itineraries, hospitality features and crew profiles. If the yacht is also mentioned for sale with our brokerage division, then the target is to work in cognizance with the owner's initial desires for the yacht's availability and promotion.

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