Gulet Owners

Why Should Gulet Owners Work With Us and How?


Partnership Type and Benefits

Working with gulet owners aims to have the best you can get from the gulet according the type of the cooperation that will be agreed upon the mutual contract.

Longest term of cooperation is possible if you believe that you have the right material.

Best value for the gulets are determined according the condition, capacity, craftsmanship of the vessel and the cleanliness.

It will get the value it deserves at Naviera Yachting.

Experienced, Customer Oriented and Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have been working with gulets for more than two decades.


Our team of experts will be right by your side with each step of the deal, just as our experienced crew will lead the visitors on sea.


Partnership Procedures

Registration will be done by submitting the form on our website.

Phone or web call will follow.

After the inspection of our experienced team we will work on a promotion plan to suit the needs of the owners in the best possible way.

Experienced, Customer Oriented and Satisfaction Guaranteed

You will be charged as soon as the gulet is booked.


We will handle all to present it in the best possible fashion, thanks to our marketing experts.


Remember, 80 percent of our clients are the returning ones. You will be notified of every detail of the transactions between us and the final customer.


All feedback from the travellers, check in and check out information, cruise routes, payment days and travel documentations and all. Transparent, secure and profitable, all guaranteed with all types of cooperation.