How long can I charter a gulet for?

Yachts are usually offered for charter in weekly segments with the same day start/ finish, especially in high demand, high summer periods. In low seasons, at the start or end of summer, it may be possible to charter a gulet for less or more than a week. Please ask your Naviera Yachting broker.


What does the yacht broker at Naviera Yachting need to know  when we enquire?

The dates you can travel for, and if you are flexible, are important especially for the high demand summer season dates.

Please tell us where you can start and/or finish your cruise,  and this may depend on flights available if direct or connections to regional airports.

We need to know how many people in your group, if it is a family, how many couples and singles and children, for the configuration of cabins and berths to suit you.

We like to offer you a selection of gulets, at the beginning of your enquiry, including ones that may have caught your eye, so please let us know your holiday ‘style’ to suit your group.

You may  may be very relaxed, want to be in the water all the time, want some land walks or village explorations, want luxury silver service at dinner, and of course it will be tailored to your outline of your budget range.


What is the cabin layout on a gulet, is it standard?

Gulets are not mass produced but handcrafted from the bottom (keel) up. There are similar designs and styles used by a boatyard, but even they change their design and materials on a new build. When you look at gulets, you can ask for the layout plan and check the number of cabins, doubles, bed sizes, and what triple cabins are, and where the cabins are in the boat. Do you want all the cabins together or in groups apart?  Each gulet has its own character.


What is the difference between Standard, Luxury and Deluxe Gulets?

There is no set gulet yacht standard, as yet, though most owners, operators and brokers would agree on general descriptions of gulets as related to budget, age and facilities.

Standards are always improving with materials and technology.

Standard usually is applied to older and traditional wooden gulets built pre- or early 2000s, with simple, comfortable cabins and facilities that many guests find charming.  There are limitations on air-conditioning if available. The crews are usually very hospitable and work to make guests at home.

Luxury category is applied to gulets built or renovated (refit) in the first 15 years of 2000s, when more design and materials technology became available. Cabins may vary in size from Master to doubles/ twins, and air-conditioned is available for an agreed period every day.

Deluxe category describes recently built/refit gulets with external and interior design features using modern materials, fittings and technology adding to the comfort of guests’ cabins, and on deck facilities. They may be small with three cabins or larger with more cabins, but include more generous air-conditioning hours, and the chef and crew have a professional approach suited for discerning guests.

Ultra-Deluxe and VIP Elite are gulet yachts that have unique designs and facilities.


For how many hours a day is Airconditioning provided?

Air conditioning on gulet cruise yachts is an important topic when you are on charter in the hot summers of the Mediterranean.

In your gulet charter agreement, you should clearly understand the arrangements for air-conditioning hours.

The air-conditioning units or systems are powered by the engine when moving, or when at rest, by yachts generator/s.

Air condition on a gulet is usually needed when it is at a stop, anchored in a bay or moored at a harbourside.

On budget STANDARD and LUXURY yachts, the hours of air conditioning are usually limited to four or five hours/day, or up to ten hours, allocated to late afternoon and pre-dinner preparation, and for the hours before midnight around the time everyone goes to bed.

Noise from generators can keep guests awake – on your gulet and on the neighbours


On DELUXE gulets the hours of air conditioning are more, around ten – 18  hours/day, but if it is connected in a harbour guests and captain may agree for it to run longer.


On the VIP gulets, all internal areas are air conditioned and it is generally run for 20- 24 hours/ day


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What do the crew do on board? Do they speak English or other languages?

The crew make sure you do very little except relax and enjoy yourselves! The crew will serve breakfast, then clean and check the cabins, manage the gulet sailing and mooring, serve drinks, prepare and serve lunch, serve more drinks, assist with water sports, serve afternoon tea, drinks and snacks, and the evening dinner. Usually, one crew member at least will speak a working level of English.


Does the gulet sail? How often?

Not all gulets sail, some are motor -sailers and put up the sail once or twice in a fair breeze, a few only motor, some love to sail with a fully installed sailing rig. Please look at our sailing gulets.


How long do we cruise each day? Do we stop often?

Yes, the gulet will stop often. The usual terms of a gulet yacht charter include an average of 4 hours of motoring per day, and no movement at night. The gulet will anchor before sunset for the evening meal and overnight. It may depart early for another breakfast and swim anchorage, then move on for a different bay for lunch, and more swimming, and sunbathing or relaxing in the shade.


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Are the Cruising Routes set itineraries or do we have a choice?

The Cruising route depends on your embarkation port, but there are options and possibilities to discuss with your Naviera Yachting assistant at first. Once on board, the Captain will explain where you are and how the weather is for the next stop.


What do I bring for the cruise?

Gulet cruises are casual and relaxed, and gulet cabins may have minimal storage space for clothes. Soft bags not suitcases are recommended. Simple swimming gear and casual evening clothes are usually all that is needed for daily wear, plus a light cover for some cool nights. Of course, your group may have a party or special theme night!


Can we bring on board our own drinks and duty free?

While making your arrangements with Naviera the catering and drinks aboard will be discussed. You may like to order ahead from a list for ease of supply and time-saving, and supplement with last shopping at duty free.


We have a smoker in our group- can they smoke on board?

Unless specified, smoking is usually permitted on deck, never below, but the Captain and guests can agree where it is convenient.


Are the water toys included in the charter? Can we request water toys ? What do they cost?

Each gulet description includes a list of which water toys are included in the charter. You are welcome to discuss if you need more on arranged hire. Motorised water sports are always charged separately per usage and fuel consumption and settled with the captain.


How do we find the gulet? Are transfers included?

Your arrangements with Naviera Yachting will include confirmation of your final arrival details and meeting points. While transfers are not included in the charter booking, Naviera are very happy to assist you in booking high standard transfer vehicles.


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