Ios offshore is perfect for swimming all day and enjoying water sports. In addition, the coastal town of Mylopotas and Ormos harbor are very famous for its nightlife. Beside the lively nightlife, the island has stunning views.

Day 1


Start your luxury yacht tour from Santorini. After wandering off the beautiful island off Santorini, take walks on the island during the day. The island, which protects the secrets of the lost city of Atlantis, is built on an inactive volcano. The geological structure is therefore different from other islands. The scenery is extremely impressive on the west side of the island. The white villas with sky blue roofs are located on top of huge, steep rocks where the sea suddenly dives. Unlike the steep cliffs in the west, the island has an endless beach with coastal sands and colorful rocks.

Day 2


Ios offshore is perfect for swimming all day and enjoying water sports. In addition, the coastal town of Mylopotas and Ormos harbor are very famous for its nightlife. Beside the lively nightlife, the island has stunning views. There are many historical villages on the mountainous coastline of the island. These villages are much quieter and quieter than other parts. Don’t forget to do wine tasting next to the hills covered with olive trees.

Day 3

Mini Cyclades

The Mini Cyclades are the islands to the south of Naxos. At night, you can take a break in Parakias, the main port of Paros, or in the “Naoussa indeki to the north of the island. They are generally sheltered and suitable for overnight stays.

The island of Naxos was the cultural center of classical Greece and Byzantium. However, Venetian and Frank influences can also be seen on the island. Compared to other islands, Naxos is a place where olives, grapes, figs and corn can be grown. Mt Zeus (1004m; also known as Mt Zas or Zefs) is the highest peak of the Cyclades. There are many wonderful beaches on the island. The island villages are ideal for long walks and exploring the island churches.

Paros with its elegant sandy beaches is one of the most popular Greek islands. Below the traditional mountain villages there are golden beaches covered with crystal water. Parikia, the main city, is one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the island. The monastery of Panagia Ekatontapiliani is one of the most important historical sites on the island. Paros has beautiful bays and swimming areas.

Day 4


Mykonos is the spot to spend the next day. You have a full day on the island, whose night is another day.

Mykonos is famous for its parties that last until the morning, the most beautiful beaches in the world and the restaurants famous for its fresh seafood. It is possible to see many local and foreign celebrities on the island which is incredibly crowded in summer. You can explore the center by walking among the magnificent white Grecian villas and stroll around the island until evening. Evening; You can dine in delicious luxury restaurants such as Bakalo, Avra and Gola, and then join the lunar parties.

Day 5


Before leaving Mykonos, you can arrange a short tour of Delos and see the archaeological ruins. After lunch, you can set off for Leros and spend the night anchoring north of the island.

According to Greek Mythology, Delos is the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. Therefore, there are many archaeological sites on the island. These historical ruins mean that the region was once the historical and cultural center of the Aegean.

Leros is located on the Dodecanese Islands between Patmos, Lipsi and Kalymnos. Like any other Greek island, it is surrounded by beautiful beaches, deep coves and green hills. The capital of Leros is Agia Marina. Agia Marina consists of small houses and narrow passages with neoclassical architecture. It is located in a very charming village on the island. You can relax at Agia Marina, Pandeli, Vromolitho, Alinda, Laki, Merikia and Xirokambos beaches and swim as much as you like.

All island beaches feature elegant restaurants, different taverns and beautiful Mediterranean cafes.

Day 6

Leros / Arki / Lipso / Patmos

The next day, go to Leros, Arki and Lipso. Then you will head towards Patmos, where you will spend the night.

Arki Island, which is 75% uninhabited, is one of the Twelve islands. Very few people live on the island and most of them live by fishing. The most famous beach is Tiganaki. The waters of this beach are crystal clear.

Lipsi is a small group of islands between the Twelve Islands. The beaches of Lientou and Kambos are the most famous and quiet beaches of Lipsi. This small island has a well-maintained natural harbor with many fish taverns and authentic restaurants.

Patmos carries the sacred traces of ancient culture. Besides its beautiful beaches, it also offers a different atmosphere to its visitors. Given the spiritual importance of the island, the island has become a place of pilgrimage for both Orthodox and Western Christians. Indeed, Patmos is undoubtedly one of the best places to experience Orthodox Easter.

Day 7

On the seventh day of your marvelous blue cruise, you will depart from Patmos to Kusadasi.

Kusadasi is a very lively holiday resort. Local crafts and Turkish designer clothes can be found in the neighborhood in the historical center of Kaleici. The area has a wide range of historical and touristic discovery areas.

Day 8

Spend the last day of your blue cruise to explore Kusadasi.

Kusadasi is one of the Roman cities of Ephesus (Ephesus) for half an hour. The best protected from ancient cities. The best way to explore this ancient city, which contains many famous buildings, is to get the right guide.

He is also waiting to explore the city of Selcuk, the ambassador’s famous resting place and home to the sixth-century St. John’s Basilica. “Tuscany in Turkey” called the regional and do not forget to taste the local delicacies.