7 Days Gulet Charter Itinerary in Croatia: Trogir to Trogir

Trogir is one of popular island in croatia,Explore 7 day unforgettable custom made charter ıtinerary with us.


Day 1

Trogir – Milna Brac

Your first destination will be Brac, the largest island in Dalmatia. It is a beautiful island covered with gorgeous vineyards and olive groves. Then, you will sail through the Brac channel towards Milna, a charming village established since the 16th century. Milna has a natural harbor where is in a cove. In the morning, you can go to the neighboring bay, Bobovisca, to experience an unspoiled view of nature. For the evening, we strongly suggest you take a walk around Milna. It is absolutely a wonderful experience. It is a great place with its stunning architecture and street musicians that you can enjoy.

Day 2

Milna Brac – Hvar

Your next stop will be Hvar, a fusion of natural beauty. Hvar is a very famous gulet charter destination among charterers because of its clean water and sun-kissed beaches. Throughout history, it has played a significant role for sailors who were crossing the Mediterranean region. Therefore, many sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site areas. It is a great experience to explore the town with its rich history and culture. Then, we strongly suggest to take a walk around the famous beach bar Hula-hula and have a chance to dance there while watching the magnificent sunset. There are many fabulous restaurants and bars, but we recommend you to taste the Laganini restaurant, which can impress even the best gourmets in the world.

Day 3

Hvar – Korcula (Badija)

After leaving Hvar, your next stop will be Korcula. However, there is a small island of Scedro, which is a perfect place for a swim break, located between Hvar and Korcula. The island is mostly inhabited, but you can still taste the delicious local food prepared by the locals on the northern side of Scedro. While sailing to Korcula, you will notice windsurfers and kiteboarders. This region is a well-known windsurf spot in all Croatia. The town is built on the old medieval city and it is also known as “small Dubrovnik”. You will be stunned by the city walls that surround the town with all its majesty. You explore the town, enjoy the street music and look for galleries and jewelry shops.

Day 4

Korcula – Lastovo

Lastovo is your next destination. It is a very old settlement that has been settled since the Neolithic age. The first thing that impresses you is the beautiful 15th and 16th-century Venetian architecture. If you choose to stay in the bay of Zaklopatica, you can try the great restaurants on the bay. Especially, we recommend the Augusta Insula restaurant. They only offer 5-star quality services and all their ingredients are organic that grown in the family garden.

Day 5

Lastovo – Vis

Then you will sail to Vis, a bohemian getaway and a classic Dalmatian treasure. Because of its past, the island stayed isolated and this played a key role in the island being a touristic hotspot. Vis offers you to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of a classical Mediterranean island, adore delicious food and experience the peaceful and quiet ambiance of the sight. Therefore, taking a tour on the island is one of the best things to do after being under sail for 5 days. You can the delicious traditional food, “Peka”, and enjoying wine tasting.

Day 6

Vis – Solta

When making towards the mainland, Solta is one of the best locations to visit. There are pretty beaches that you can enjoy, and many family-run farms offer learning sections for the art of making oil, wine, and honey. After a 10-minute walk, you can reach the village of Maslinica where a Nobel dining is served in Martinis Marchi. On the other hand, you can also choose to get lost in the street and try to find other authentic restaurants and pubs. Ending your day with the sunset from Marina’s dock is a lovely feeling.

Day 7

Solta – Trogir

On the last day of your gulet adventure, you will return to Trogir, a town filled with historical touches and architectural treasures. Trogir is also called the little Venice of Dalmatia and the old town is under the protection of UNESCO world heritage. There many sights in the town that you can visit and explore the Romanesque-Gothic architecture throughout the whole town. After a long day, you can relax and end your private gulet charter at the pubs and restaurants that lined at the seaside.