Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Croatia is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with two blue round neck.
Trogir is in the heart of the Dalmatian Coast and it is very close to important places like Split, Ciovo island and connected with a bridge to the mainland.

This region which has been in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List since 1997, has a charming atmosphere that fascinates its visitors. With an urban tradition of 2300 years, not only in Adriatic but in all Europe, Trogir has the best-preserved Romanesque and Renaissance buildings and they have been retained to their glory-day charm. You will enjoy each moment of exploration of the town.

There is also the caravanserai dedicated to Hafsa Sultan, built in 16th century Ottoman, to be visited on a day of sightseeing. For relaxation there are lots of beaches, perfect for swimming and spending hours, both in central town and the surrounding islands and coasts. If you also would like a Turkish bath experience including an intimate care, there is also an ancient hamam, built in the name of the famous Suleyman the Magnificent.

After a day spent around the many sights, the harbor will be a perfect place to relax and end your day. A bundle of bars and restaurants line in the seaside and creates a lovely environment. You can watch luxury yachts and gulets gliding over the sea and the beautiful scenery that this town offers while you are enjoying your drinks.

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