Capri Yacht Charter Guide

A paradise that comes from the Roman Empire era and currently it's one amongst the fantastic vacation places of the planet.

With all the lemon groves around the island and exquisite sights at each turn and the old glamour, Capri attracts many people to its charm that has been coming back from Roman times.

Reasons To Visit

Symbolic structures
Wonderful atmosphere
Unique natural beauty
Outstanding view from the peak of Mount Solaro

It has a unique natural beauty that fascinates your mind. Thus, for hundreds of years, this place was a breakpoint for aristocrats. Especially, Roman princes loved to stay here. In Greek mythology, Capri is additionally referred to as the “Sirens Island”. Sirens are known as dangerous creatures that inflicting sailors to shipwreck on the rocks. This island is filled with history and culture.

While you're visiting Capri, you'll see the villas of Tiberius, one of the oldest buildings on the island, the monastery of St. Giacomo, and visit the Villa San Michele museum that was once home of Swedish doctor, Axel Munthe. These buildings have a charm that you just are going to be stunned and forget the globe outside the island. Moreover, after a long day, you'll rest in Marina Piccola or choose to enjoy the sun and ocean in Blue Grotto.

It has 2 main regions: Anacapri and Capri. In Anacapri, there are many places that you can shop and taste the famous limoncello. there's additionally the Phoenician Steps that has around 800 steps that continue until the sea. there's more to explore, however, the main settlement on the island is within the Capri region. There are 2 neighboring ports: Marina Piccola and Marina Grande. within the main sq., La Piazzetta, you'll realize the cathedral of Santo Stefano and lots of very little cafés that you just relish a drink.

With all its charm and wonder, its symbolic structures and wonderful atmosphere, Capri has always been a must-visit destination for travelers. together with your friend, family or your lover, to seek out your ideal private yacht vacation, you can look at all luxury yacht charter in Italy.

Italy is awaiting you arrival with open arms!