Cannes Gulet Charter Guide


Cannes, an epicurean coastal town filled with breathtaking hilltops, wild rivers, heavenly shores and of course lavishness. If you think the glamour of Cannes is only coming from its Film Festival, you are pretty wrong. With its haute-couture boutiques, chic bistros, bars and art-deco hotel palaces this city is embedded in luxury. Walk on the iconic La Croisette, visit the modern art exhibitions and muses or simply enjoy the sun just like Coco Chanel did and started a trend of getting bronze among the society. Cannes will be welcoming you either way!

The must thing to do in Cannes is to tour the famous La Croisette. The alluring promenade of La Croisette welcomes everyone who prefers to enjoy a serene walk under the shades of palm trees whilst reveling in the astonishing views of the Estérel Mountains and Baie de Cannes. However, for the travelers looking for some opulent experience, the iconic hotels, boutiques and art galleries of La Croisette offer to fulfill this need.

Reasons To Visit

Iconic La Croisette promenade
Modern art exhibitions
Sunbathing and swimming
High-quality local cuisine
Glamorous nightlife

Once used as a hotel, La Malmaison just by La Croisette is used as a center of art today. The gallery has seen the works of outstanding artists throughout the years such as Ozenfant, Matisse and Picasso and waits for the art-enthusiasts. Other interesting addresses on the promenade include the hotels of Martinez and InterContinental Carlton, as it is rumored that their twin cupolas were modeled from the breasts of La Belle Otero, lover of Tsar Nicholas II and Britain’s King Edward VII. You might also prefer to follow the celebrity handprints of Allée des Etoiles or enjoy a day on one of the private beaches along the promenade. Open-air concerts in the courtyard of La Castre Museum or fireworks lighting up the clear skies offer actives during the summer nights. La Croisette is full of attractions according to your interests.

Certainly, Cannes is much more than a shoreline and it hosts hidden beauties all over the town. The exuberance of La Croisette can be viewed perfectly from Le Suquet, the old quarter of Cannes. Containing a church (Chapel of St Anne) and a clock tower that sit high, Le Suquet looks over Cannes, a perfect place to rest one’s head while enjoying the amazing view. A haven of quality-food and Michelin starred restaurants, Cannes also offers an opportunity to taste foods you will never be able to taste again in your life. Besides the A-list restaurants in Quai Saint Pierre, on rue Félix Faure, and of course La Croisette, do not forget to enjoy a delicious traditional meal in one of the restaurants on Rue St Antoine which is the trail towards Le Suquet.

At nights casinos and bars will be waiting for you as you will see many locals enjoying a night drink in the cafes and bistros in the streets. If you get sick of all the hustle and bustle you can anchor in the Lerins Islands and enjoy a tranquil day swimming, diving and sunbathing. You can decide the type of Blue Voyage you want to spend in Cannes!

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Cannes is awaiting you arrival with open arms!