Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Turkey is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with two blue round neck.
Geographically, Turkey stands on the most spectacular region where Europe and Asia meets and the cultural privileges this provide to travelers are vast. This is the meeting point of countless civilizations and layer after layer one can explore the ancient treasures and enjoy the natural resources of the region.

Diverse styles of travel and exploration can be experienced, even in diverse climates and geographies, all in one country. Surrounded by Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean in three sides, Turkey offers the best cruising opportunities and marine life experience.

Before diving into the renowned northwestern and southwestern coastlines, it would be wise to pay a visit to the biggest and the most historically rich city of Istanbul. Here you may witness both the heart of ancient and pace of life of the modern Turkey. The great capital of Ottoman and Byzantine still shines with all its glory.

Southwestern coastline, also referred as the Turkish Riviera, also once home to a great number of civilizations, is one the greatest and most convenient places for gulet cruise lovers. There are countless naturally protected ports, towns booming with entertainment opportunities and islands on both Turkish and Greek waters, all easily accessible via gulets.

Going south there will be many spectacular towns to visit, such as Fethiye, Gocek Bay, Marmaris and the most famous of all, Bodrum. All have the most luxurious facilities for gulet charters, rich marketplaces, nightlife and historical sites, never to be squeezed in a couple of days to fully enjoy.

The region is literally where the green meets the blue and gulet charters are the best way to visit as many places as possible, to see the fascinating nature from the sea and to experience a summer holiday of a lifetime. Inspiring beaches and hidden coves are suitable both for activity driven holiday makers and relaxation focused minds.

There will also be room for adventure for water sports and underwater enthusiasts, since there is a bustling sea life on and under these waters. If you would like to inspire yourself, these coasts are the perfect places to begin.

Besides being appealing to the eye, Turkey is also the place which appeals the palate. Culinary culture is sophisticated and diverse and you can enjoy most of the cuisines on western Turkey. Turkish and Greek specialities can be found in the same menus with Anatolian and middle eastern meals.

Considering the history, privileged geography, climate, cultural heritage, the famous Turkish hospitality and the best way to enjoy them, being the gulet charter holiday, this could be the holiday of a lifetime. SHOW MORE


Length: 34 | Guest: 16 | Cabins: 8 | Crew: 6 - FROM € 10.500 PER WEEK -


Length: 26 | Guest: 12 | Cabins: 5 | Crew: 3 - FROM € 15.000 PER WEEK -


Length: 38 | Guest: 4 | Cabins: 1 | Crew: 6 - FROM € 48.993 PER WEEK -