What is Yacht Charter Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)?


Sometimes, abbreviations may be confusing in yacht charters. Some items in yacht charter contracts may seem difficult to understand or not clear. These texts are relatively easy for others because they only have your rights and responsibilities in the yacht charter contract.


The most common term in the yacht rental agreement is APA. APA means that everything you may need during your journey is paid from the beginning to make your yacht charter experience easier. You can see the details and scope of APA in the rest of the article.


What is APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance), exactly?


The rental fee paid on the yacht charters is the cost of the crew working on the yacht and the yacht. However, you may need to incur other expenses on your journey for different reasons.


You may think of Advance Provisioning Allowance as a safe box for unforeseen expenses. Thanks to APA, you can keep track of all your expenses and pay more easily.


What is the scope of APA?


APA will cover all daily expenses for your yacht rental contract–everything from food and fuel to port and customs fees. It also covers expenses that cannot be foreseen during the journey. Expected additional expenses include;


Food and drink


Before you make your yacht charter, you will be sent a sample menu or a list of food to calculate the APA in your contract. In this way, an average budget is calculated according to the foods you choose.


Fuel Fees


Your fuel costs will vary depending on whether you are constantly underway or want to stay anchored. This includes the fuels associated with the use of water sport equipment, such as jetskis, which are on board during the yacht charter.


Port charges and scaffolding fees


Port charges and dock costs vary depending on how long you will be staying. For example, during the Grand Prix week, you can expect to pay more for a dock in Monaco.


Communication Costs


If you plan to use satellite and internet services while traveling, the cost of this service will also be within the APA.


Delivery fee


If you want to rent the yacht from a different place instead of renting it from the usual port, you must pay the delivery fee. Likewise, if you leave the yacht in a different port instead of its own port, you pay the delivery fee.




Yacht laundry fees are included in the yacht rental price, but you may have to pay extra to wash your personal belongings.


How is APA calculated?


Your yacht rental company calculates an average APA. In general, APA is calculated as a percentage of the yacht rental fee.


When you rent a yacht, it is calculated as 20-25%, and can be up to 30-35% for a motor yacht. Note: This cost may vary depending on daily rentals and various factors.


For example, if you travel across the islands and you need to berth up and leave, remember that your APA may be higher. Likewise, if you travel more than 4 hours a day, you will need to pay extra yacht consumption from your APA.


Where and when is the APA paid?


The APA is paid at the same time as your last rent payment, typically one month before setting sail. The transfer is made directly to the captain of the yacht. Your intermediary institution will provide all required bank details in advance.


Who will make the purchases?


The captain shall inspect all purchases made before departure. They will be responsible for ensuring that the crew remains within the budget and will provide receipt and expense accounts upon request. All costs are included in the budget and you will receive a detailed breakdown of all costs at the end of your journey.


What if the APA does not cover all costs?


Cost calculations for yacht charters are generally correct, but you can always exceed your budget during your journey. If your expenses exceed the initial payment, you can pay the APA in cash, so you can pay during travel. The captain will continue to inform you during the trip and if there are any unpaid costs, you will have to pay before you leave.


What happens if we don’t use all of the APA?


If there is any credit left in the APA account at the end of the journey, the captain will pay it back. You will receive an unpaid balance in cash before you leave the yacht.


Finally, is APA applicable to all yacht charters?


In luxury yacht charters, APA is usually applied as standard. Simple and straightforward, the APA is the easiest way to keep track of your spending at sea.