Terms And Conditions


Deposit and Payment

For confirmation of the reservation, 50% of the total fee must be paid as a deposit. This amount is deducted from the amount of the boat rental. The deposit is paid to the Naviera Yachting officer when entering the boat.

Cancellations and Returns

For full refund of the charter fee, the notification of cancellation must be written and received by Naviera Yachting at the latest ninety (90) days prior to sailing. In case of cancellation, the following charges apply:

* 90 days prior to your arrival: 15% of the deposit will be retained as an administrative fee; the rest of the deposit will be returned.

Less than 89-60 days before departure: 35% of the deposit will be retained as an administrative fee; the rest of the deposit will be returned.

* Deposit will not be refunded within 59 days prior to your arrival (this is the standard; no exceptions).

Boat Replacement

If a boat is not to your liking, Naviera Yachting offers you the choice to replace the boat with a boat of the same or higher standard. However, a more suitable alternative travel program or boat passengers are not entitled to a refund.

Cruise Cancellation

Naviera Yachting may cancel a cruise at any time at any time for any reason, including force majeure*.

During a cruise, if there are malfunctions in onboard equipment, or fire, grounding, or collision causing delays longer than 48 hours, and if no spare boats or arrangements are available, the passengers will be entitled to a proportional reimbursement for the portion of the cruise days that were not completed. No other request will be accepted.

Naviera Yachting is a Turkish Company and the interpretation of the terms and conditions between Naviera Yachting and the party to the agreement will be decided only in accordance with Turkish law in Turkish courts.


Naviera Yachting is responsible for making all arrangements for everything previously mentioned in programs and routes.

The Naviera Yachting responsibility and service do not pertain outside the boat; any arrangements that must be made for passengers or passengers before or after boarding the boat are the responsibility of the passenger. Naviera Yachting does not offer any road transport or accommodation. For the convenience of our passengers, Naviera Yachting can sell tickets for field trips or arrange other services operated by independent contractors, but cannot be held responsible for any damages, losses, injuries or deaths that may occur.

However, all of the services provided on the boat are the guaranteed responsibility of Naviera Yachting as part of the high-quality service we offer to all our customers.

All travel documents issued in writing by Naviera Yachting or the customer are subject to the terms and conditions specified by law in Turkey. Naviera Yachting reserves the right to cancel the entire tour without a refund on boarding the boat. Reword, this seems unclear


All boats are under full third party insurance. The insurance covers health expenses in case of injury on board during the course of travel, as well as the cost of personal expenses in accidents at sea. However, insurance does not cover accidents or injuries that may occur off the boat. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain your own personal travel, health, accident, cancellation, luggage and road insurance.

*Force Majeure:

We do not accept any responsibility for loss, damage or expenses arising from war or terrorist activities, threatened or actual, civil unrest, industrial action, weather conditions, fire, flood, drought, port and airport delays and unforeseeable changes in public disclosure, or any other event outside our control, which interferes with travel arrangements for aircraft, boats or any other means of transport. We do not accept responsibility for any customer who violates the laws or regulations of any of the countries visited during the tour.


If there are any complaints on the ship during the tour, please contact your representative from Naviera Yachting immediately. Complaints must be communicated directly to Naviera Yachting General Directorate Customer Service in writing within 21 days of the end of the tour. Otherwise, complaints received after 21 days of travel are not accepted. Please make sure your personal guest survey is completed and forwarded to our staff. We welcome all your suggestions for improvements as well as your feedback.