Fethiye Kekova Fethiye Route


Planning the itinerary of the gulet charter you will hire in Fethiye is essential for your pleasure in this most popular coastal town of Turkish riviera. The routes stated here will include the best ways to enjoy Fethiye in its full sense. Your requirements always are the priority and your expectations will be met depending on the season and locations you will choose to visit.

Day 1

First of all, be sure to spend some time in the harbor before you start a fantastic 8-day Fethiye yacht tour.

Enjoy the unique day and night life of Fethiye. If you don’t have time, you can explore the surroundings by taking morning walks before joining the tour. The boat tour will start the next morning. A great opportunity to shop, explore the surrounding area and talk to your chef about food before you start a blue cruise! Don’t forget, this is your first evening under the stars on warm Mediterranean nights.

Day 2

Ölüdeniz means Deadsea in English. Oludeniz is one of Turkey's most famous touristy area and is approximately half an hour from the center of Fethiye. The blue lagoon, located in a wonderful beach of pebbles, is a rare natural beauty in the world. Surrounded by turquoise waters, this lagoon is crystal clear. This spot where you can find every shade of blue also has great underwater views for snorkeling.

Behind Ölüdeniz there is Babadağ, which is preferred for paragliding. Paragliding is very popular in the region, where thousands of tourists flock every year. Paragliding offers you one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, where you can see every shade of green and blue. It is a great spot for snorkeling or scuba diving in the area during a yacht tour. It is possible to find nice cafes, restaurants and activities in the area which is very touristic.


Gemiler Island

Gemiler Island is a quiet and deserted island near Fethiye. There is no one living on the island, which is considered the place where St. Nikalos, known as Santa Claus, lives. Just for the tours, cafe and restaurant owners go to the island during the day. The island is one of the richest regions of the ancient times, with its famous Byzantine ruins. It is a favorite spot for eye-catching bays and yacht tours. It is not possible to find any open shop after sunset on the island, where it is possible to stay one night during the blue cruise.


Butterfly Valley

Located in Faralya Village in Fethiye, Butterfly Valley is only accessible by sea. Situated among the high mountains, this romantic valley is famous for its Tiger Butterflies. There is also a waterfall and a river in the valley. You can stay in small bungalow houses as well you can camp in this valley. Underwater life is fascinating to this point, which was surely visited during the blue tours.

Day 3


Yesilkoy is a very small village where you will stop by on the third day of your tour. Surrounded by high mountains, this village is has olive farming.



Kas, which now has an enormous marina, was once a tiny fishing village. This charming town, is considered one of Turkey’s scuba diving center. In the vicinity there are many ancient cities, Byzantine ruins and coves with pristine beaches. Kas has great restaurants where you can find fresh and beautiful seafood. Close to the shore you can see the Greek islands. This point is a great place to explore the unique beauties of the surrounding area.

Day 4


Kaleucagiz is a great spot to anchor and relax during the blue cruise, 36 km from Kas. This region, where you can see the ancient underwater city of Kekova, is one of the indispensable points of the blue cruise routes.



Kekova is a wonderful region both for its natural beauty and for its rich history. The ancient city of Aperiai on the peninsula is en route as are the islets of Kara and Toprak Ara. The yachts regularly visit Kekova Bay near the city of Apollonia which dates back to ancient times. The sunken city that slipped into the sea after an earthquake can be seen through the clear waters. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Kekova.

Day 5


The name of this incredibly beautiful place near Kekovaya is Gokkaya. There is a deep canal in the region directly opposite Asırlı Island, Kiseli Island and Kasırlı Island. The cold and clean water from the mountains lowers the sea temperature. In addition to the sea and islands, there are many ancient cities in the region. The most famous tomb with inscriptions dating from the 4th century in the region belongs to Hoyran.



Situated on the southern coastline, the historic town of Demre is famous for its ancient cities and churches. In order to become a pilgrim, Christians come to the church of St. Nicholas. The ancient city of Myra, Demre, which has become a place worth seeing, is a very central point. If you are interested in ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology, this is definitely a place to see.

Day 6


Kalkan is a magnificent seaside town under the Taurus Mountains. Each of the houses in the town, built on the mountain, has sea views and is built in terraces. Offering a white appearance, Kalkan is preferred as a permanent living area for foreign tourists. The small pebble beach is immaculate and unique. The surrounding area is full of coves and beaches.


Kaputas Beach

Kaputaş beach, which is located between Kaş and Kalkan, is one of the most famous beaches in the world. In this bay known as the volcano mouth, white sand meets clear turquoise waters. Kaputaş, known for its deep and wavy sea, is a must-see spot for blue tour enthusiasts.

Day 7

Samanlık Bay

Samanlık bay is one of the most beautiful places of summer with its cool and inviting waters. For this reason, during the blue round is always iron. You can also reach Fethiye with a short walk when you anchor here.


Turunc Pınarı (Turunc Sprıng)

The Turunc Spring, which is covered with pine trees, is on the east coast of Fethiye Bay. The restaurant here has a pier for mooring boats. This is a great stop for a cool and pleasant meal, especially for a short land break.

Day 8


After completing your unforgettable and unique blue crouse, your last stop will be again Fethiye. You may have a short time to explore the city one last time. With a romantic dinner or a fun nightlife tour can be completed. This tour with unforgettable memories will always remain in your mind.