8 Days of Gocek, Highlights From a Oludeniz Gulet Trip

Oludeniz and Fethiye via Gocek

Naviera Yachting has not left the hard work of planning the itinerary of your Oludeniz gulet trip to you and has planned the most joyful and charged route! Starting from Göcek and travelling through the most unique islands and bays of all, you will experience the hidden treasures of Turkish Riviera to the fullest. Just sit back, watch your expectations get exceeded by our amazing crew and your dreams come true while travelling through the route we created for you which will take you to a world you have never seen before!

Planning the itinerary of the gulet charter you will hire in Bodrum is essential for your pleasure in this most popular coastal town of Turkish riviera. The routes stated here will include the best ways to enjoy Bodrum in its full sense. Your requirements always are the priority and your expectations will be met depending on the season and locations you will choose to visit.

Day 1


Gocek is one of the most beautiful sailing regions in the world between Fethiye and Dalyan. Gocek is a natural harbor; luxury, elegant and stylish concept.


Gocek Island

Gocek Island, which is the starting point for a tour of 12 islands, is also a great point for a land tour. It is even possible to camp on quiet beaches, while those who wish to stay on land discover great beaches.


Kızılada (Red Island)

Kizilada, which takes its name from the tremendous sunset color and scenery, is a magical place. There is only one lighthouse on the island. Ideal for swimming and anchoring in calm waters.

Day 2


Gemiler Island is a deserted island near Fethiye city. There are many ancient ruins on the island. Apart from these tourist sightseeing points, there are also many cafes and restaurants which are open during the day. This island is considered to be the place where St. Nicholas, whom we all know as Santa Claus, lives. Christians come to the island, where yacht tourism is quite intense, to become a pilgrim.

The island is completely quiet after sunset and you can taste local cuisine and cold homemade drinks during the day.


Butterfly Valley

Butterfly valley is one of the most virgin bays in the world. It is possible to stay overnight in the valley which is not accessible by land. You can stay in large tents or bungalow houses in the Butterfly Valley where you can camp. Rock climbing can be done in the valley which has an amazing underwater life.


Oludeniz (The Dead Sea)

Oludeniz means dead sea which has no wave. The blue lagoon on the side of the national park is a wonderful swimming area that gradually deepens. There are areas for snorkeling for both families and young people. It is possible to see dozens of fish and underwater creatures at the edges of the rocks. You can enjoy swimming by watching those who do paragliding above you, or you can choose to watch the view from above.

Day 3

Turunc Pınarı ( Turunc spring)

Turunc Spring is located on the east coast of Fethiye Bay. The restaurant on the waterfront is covered with pine trees and offers a great rest and cool during the hot summer days. The restaurant has a pier where boats can anchor. Water and basic needs can be provided here.


Samanlık Bay

Samanlık bay is a great area where you can anchor your boat to see the center of Fethiye. The wooded and shaded bay is cool even in the hottest days of summer.



Fethiye is located in a very central location where transportation by land, sea and air is very easy. Night separate separately fun day, the city is one of the tourism centers of Turkey. It is worth a visit with its exciting historical sites, ancient cities, national parks and beaches. The city has three modern and extensive harbors. There are also many large and small islands around Fethiye which you can sail to.

Day 4


Tersane Island is one of the largest islands in the region. There are many bays of various sizes beside the summer harbor extending towards the east. The nearby ancient city of Telandria is a great place to relax.


Domuz Island

Domuz island (Pig/ Boar Island) is named after the wild pigs on the island. In fact, the real name of the island is Prince Island. Nowadays, there are no wild pigs on this island, it is quite calm and peaceful.


Gobun Bay

Gobun Bay offers us a serene splendor. Located right next to the swine bay, this bay is much more interesting with the ancient tombs carved into the rocks.

Day 5

Yavansu Bay

Yavansu Bay is one of the richest centers in the region in terms of history. In the bay, which has been home to Byzantine life for many years, there are tombs and monasteries dating from Byzantine times besides fig trees.


Cleopatra Bath

Manastir Bay (Cleopatra Bath) is an inactive volcanic area. Many crater lakes can be seen in the hilly area covered with pine forests. The remains from the Lycian civilization in the region are quite eye-catching. It is an excellent place to go for a journey and trail in ancient times. This bay, which attracts the attention of everyone passing by during the blue cruise, is also suitable for spending the night because it is deserted and calm.


Sarsala Bay

Sarsala dark, calm sea and is suitable for both fishing and spending the night. The beach is very clean because it is stony. There is also a small restaurant in the bay.

Day 6

Bedri Rahmi (Tasyaka) Bay

Bedri Rahmi Bay was named after the famous Turkish writer Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu. The real name of this koy is Dark Cove. The name of the bay was changed because Bedri Rahmi came here to fish constantly. The bay is quite sheltered. Olive trees, oleander and colorful flowers with a great view.


Kille Buku

Between the Horn BUku and Tasyaka are the bay of Kille Buku. This bay, which comes across from Göcek, is ideal for a picnic.

Day 7


Boynuzbükü is a very unknown virgin bay hidden by 12 islands around it. There is a small restaurant serving fresh local food in the recently popular bay. There are more fruit trees in the bay than you can think of. Be prepared to rest among the fragrant flower fragrances.


Yassica Islands

Yassica islands are the uninhabited islands of Fethiye Bay. The islands have quiet beaches that you can swim for hours. Ideal for families with children, it is possible to do a variety of water sports on the islands. Since the sea shore is stony, you need to take your sea shoes before you go ashore. Offering a unique view of the sunset, the region is one of the indispensable places for blue cruise enthusiasts.

Day 8


At the end of your unforgettable blue voyage, you arrive at Göcek. One last time before you say goodbye to the deep blue Mediterranean waters, you will have time to watch the sights, taste the local delicacies and shop. You can remember the unforgettable moments of your holiday while walking on the ancient coastline.