8 Days of Bodrum, Highlights From a Bodrum Gulet Trip

Bodrum to Marmaris

One of the most popular tourism centers not just in Turkey but also in world, sweet Bodrum filled with the scent of bougainvilleas, will be the departure point for your Bodrum gulet trip. You will never want to go back when you are finished touring, as Homer illustrates it, “the land of eternal blue”. Our experienced crew will make sure to fulfill all your desires and provide you with a top-quality service. Now let’s get into the route we have prepared for you in this wonderland and save you from the trouble of creating your own travel itinerary!

Day 1


Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, has a very rich history. Active since ancient times, the city has been one of the most popular port cities at the time. Mausolus Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the world, is located in Bodrum. Since the stones of this mausoleum were used in the construction of Bodrum Castle, the mausoleum has been destroyed today. There is also a very extensive ancient underwater museum in Bodrum Castle.


Aquarium Bay (Adabogazi)

Located between Bitez and Gumbet, Akvaryum Bay is charming with its long sandy beaches. The bay is a great resting place during your blue voyage. You can relax, swim and enjoy the sun in the bay where ducks and geese accompany you.

Day 2

Knidos (Cnidus)

Knidos is a small ancient city on the Datça peninsula. It is a very popular harbor city in ancient times and is rich in archaeological remains. Knidos, which is featured in all yacht charter magazines and blue cruise advertisements, is very difficult to reach by road. therefore it is one of the favorite locations of sailors. The two most interesting structures of Knidos are the temple of Aphrodite and the Necropolis.



Palamutbuku, home to the cleanest waters of the Aegean Sea, is located to the south of the Datca peninsula. It is close to the ancient city of Knidos. This city will make you feel like you live in a fairy tale, it is a very right point to choose fresh seafood. you can taste local delicacies that you will not find anywhere in the world, swim in calm waters and go for evening walks at sunset.



Datca peninsula one of Turkey’s most remote point is of a quiet and pristine beach. It is one of the most wonderful spots you can anchor for swimming pleasure without anyone around you. There are small fishing villages along the coast. Don’t forget to go ashore to taste the most delicious tomatoes and local olives.

Day 3

Emel Sayın Bay

The cove, named after the famous Turkish singer Emel Sayın, is covered with azure crystal waters. The reason she took this name is the blue eyes of Emel Sayın. Ideal for those looking for a great swimming break point.


Orhaniye Bay

Kızkumu beach, which is famous for its fine sands, is located in Orhaniye Bay on the Bozburun Peninsula. The district has a rich history and is very central and popular. It is also close to tourism centers like Bozburun and Selimiye.



Located in Hisarönü Bay, Selimiye is a wonderful coast town anchored by the world’s most luxurious yachts. The town has stylish, elegant restaurants, large markets and nightclubs. Selimiye is a historical, natural and unique place that blue cruise passengers should not pass by. Selimiye has a lighthouse, ancient theater and monastery. Fresh seafood is served along with local wines.

Day 4


home to dozens of untouched beaches and hidden bays, Dirsekbükü is located in Hisarönü Bay. There is a wide variety of islands and beaches within which you can swim. Perfect for relaxing with a perfect view.



Bozburun is a small and charming town 45km west of Marmaris. The town, which is home to many shipyards, is famous for its virgin coves. This is where the world’s most beautiful wooden boats are produced. this port is the meeting point for those who seek peace and tranquility. It is also possible to find quality food at almost every point.

Day 5

Bozukkale (Loryma)

Bozukkale is a charming ancient city located in a heart-shaped bay. The city is home to the ancient harbor of Lorima. This port, which was used as a military base in ancient times, now attracts tourists. It attracts the attention of yachtsmen who want to spend the night with its calm and calm waters.


Serce Bay

It is a popular and frequently preferred spot for Blue Cruises. Thanks to its sheltered harbor, it is loved by boats who want to spend a quiet night. The ancient cisterns providing clean water to the town are quite interesting.

Day 6

Kadirga Bay

With its large blue flag beach, Kadırga Bay is the perfect place for diving. The large beach is also home to boats moored outdoors.



Kumlubükü is a quiet place that makes its guests happy with its cool and clean waters. You can find the best examples of local wine in the quiet little town restaurants.

Day 7

Aquarium Bay

Aquarium bay, which generally resembles Pamukkale travertines, is quite interesting for tourists. Enchanting nature lovers, this bay is unique with its sparkling waters.


Star Island (Nimara)

Star Island is one of Turkey’s most beautiful peninsula. There are many cafes and restaurants in the vicinity. You can anchor off the peninsula where you can find something to do all day.

Day 8


After you have finished your long and exciting journey in the Mediterranean waters, you return to Marmaris . A great moment to enjoy a day in this wonderful city. It’s time to go out for your last shopping walk and collect memorable items and local items before you leave.