Day Sicily Charter Itinerary

Explore All Sicily and Aeolian Islands in 7 Days

Explore the Aeolian Islands and Sicily’s most impressive spots in a week with Naviera yachting.

Day 1

Palermo – Filicudi

The city of Palerme is a great starting point for your blue voyage to see the Aeolian Islands.

Filicudi is the most original island of the Aeolian Islands, full of charming villages and local restaurants. Filicudi is ideal for snorkelling and hiking offshore.

Day 2

Filicudi – Panarea

Panaera is famous for its elegant and simple beach. After anchoring to the famous Cala Junco beach, you can enjoy unique views throughout the day.

The island comes alive after sunset. Head to Bar Del Porto for an early evening drink, then head to Hotel Raya to enjoy breathtaking views and lively nightlife.

Day 3

Panarea – Stromboli – Panarea

Dock at the small island of Basiluzzo to enjoy the day at Panarea. This region is perfect for a great lunch and a swim in the warm waters.

With sunset you can continue to Stromboli to watch the spectacular fireworks of nature. Later in the night you can return to Panarea.

Day 4

Panarea – Salina

Malvasia is famous for the set of Salina Il Postino, home of desert wine.

The island is also famous for its delicious capers. At the beginning of June there is a caper festival on the island’s Pollara beach. When you get here, go ashore and treat yourself to delicious restaurants on the beach.

Day 5

Salina – Lipari

Lipari is the largest and most popular island among the Aeolian islands.

After a delicious lunch at Filippino, head to the Aeolian Archaeological Museum, full of ancient treasures, or enjoy a swim in the azure waters just outside Spiaggia Bianca.

Day 6

Lipari – Vulcano

Your last stop on the Aeolian Islands is Vulcano. This island is famous for its mud baths and hot springs.

Day 7

Vulcano – Palermo

Return to Palermo or nearby on the 7th day of your blue cruise. Palermo is always exciting with unexplored corners, although it may seem touristic.

Day 8


When you get to Palermo, treat yourself to a great lunch or a late breakfast.