Mykonos to Athens

You can explore the most beautiful corners of the Greek islands as part of this magnificent 8-day blue cruise from Mykonos to Athens. The Greek islands known throughout the world will impress you with its unique beauty and nature. Watch out for the deserted corners of the high hills as you pass by the white island houses. You can enjoy stunning sunset views while tasting local seafood in luxurious restaurants. Don’t forget to visualize the ancient history of the islands while relaxing on the deserted beaches.

Day 1

From Mykonos to Naousa and Paros

Your luxury yacht tour that will start in the afternoon from Mykonos port will take you to Nausa. Mykonos is one of the most beautiful and popular islands known as the Cyclades. Under the hills decorated by the historic windmills, the whitewashed houses are surrounded by narrow streets. The town is adorned with views of the ancient harbor and consists of long streets where you can walk for hours. The world famous Little Venice is the most elegant and luxurious part of the region.

After the yacht tour, you will depart for Paros in the afternoon. Paros is a lively island where colorful festivals are held in summer. It is a must to visit Panagia Ekantontapiliana Monastery, one of the most important Byzantine monuments in the world. Paros is also home to many beautiful beaches and bays.

Naoussa is a small fishing town north of the island of Paros. This village, whose historical texture is almost intact, is quite attractive with its colorful houses, flowering gardens and stone paved streets. Naoussa is also famous for its historic small chapels.

Day 2

Naousa to Ios

Ios is a tiny but very attractive island located within the Greek islands. It has bays surrounded by cliffs, white sandy beaches and very attractive shores. You can climb the hills in the city center where there are countless churches and watch the unique views.

Manganari is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ios. Quiet and secluded beach is quite calm because it is far from the center. Ideal for snorkelling. Manganari, where some scenes of Le Grand Bleu are shot, has extraordinary waters.

Day 3

Ios to Santorini

As you move towards Santorini, you will find a view of the volcanic mountains in the center of the island. Located in the city center, Fira is hidden behind white houses. Also, don’t forget to visit Akrotiri’s archaeological site when you visit the center.

The captain will arrange a trip to visit the famous island of Hmerovigli, which has spectacular sunsets.

Day 4

Santorini – Milos

Milos has rich natural resources and very famous antiquities. The famous Venus statue, now found in the Louvre, is one of the most important landmarks of Milos. White sands and impressive cliffs are another symbol of Milos.

Milos is a unique island where turquoise waters meet Greek culture.

Day 5

Milos – Sifnos

Sifnos is home to one of the most beautiful local markets in the world. Here, don’t forget to visit the monastery of the Virgin Mary, which is believed to have healing power.

Day 6

Sifnos – Serifos

The town of Serifos was built on top of an island surrounded by walls to protect itself from pirate raids. The village center offers spectacular views.

Day 7

Serifos – Kythnos

Kythnos is famous for its sandy beaches, white houses and beautiful little cafes. Here you can feel as if time has stopped and life is eternal.

The land on the island is mountainous, barren and bare. Only fig and grape trees can be seen here. Behind the small bay recesses lies the central Hora of the island. Fine wood carving, sanctuary sites and beautiful churches are other details that stand out here.

Day 8

Kythnos – Vouliagmeni (Athens)


Athens, named after the goddess of wisdomis one of the most magical cities in the world.

Give some time to visit the city center before returning home.