7-day discovery tour of the coast of Greece and Turkey

This blue cruise route is located on many famous iconic Greek islands from Symi to Rhodes

Day 1


Private yacht charter will be on the first day of your holiday around the Code known as Hippocrates’ house. Surrounded by the most beautiful beaches of Greece, Kos has a wonderful infrastructure.

There are dozens of archaeological sites and ancient ruins in the town. You can easily explore the rich history of Greece here.

Day 2


Datça, founded by Dorlar who came to the Aegean Islands, is the pearl of the Aegean Sea. The ancient city of Knidos offers its visitors a magnificent feast of ancient history.

Datca, which has a long history of maritime history, was popular among the 16th century Spanish pirates before it became a place that knew the members of the superyacht cluster very well.

Day 3


Bozburun is one of the most popular and popular spots of luxury yacht charters. There are great restaurants and boutiques along the coast line. The most beautiful examples of gulet work can be seen in and around the port of Bozburun, which is famous for its gulet shipyards.

Here you will have the chance to make the necessary preparations before moving to the island of Symi.

Day 4


On the 4th day of your blue cruise you will depart early for Symi Island. The island of Symi, one of the most beautiful of the 12 islands, and its surroundings are eye-catching.

The Neo-Classical architecture adorns the island houses lined up on the Symi fjords, taking you on a deep journey through time.

Spend the entire day exploring the historical and touristic corners of the island. After dinner you will take a journey to Tilos.

Day 5


The island of Tilos is famous for its welcoming local people. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular islands in Greece.

Thanks to its quiet environment, it is possible to meet and meet local people. The biggest attraction of Tilos is Megalo Chorio. Here are the ruins of an ancient monastery and castle.

Don’t forget to eat a local Greek meal on the island before moving to Chalki Island.

Day 6


Chalki island is located between the island of Rhodes and Tilos. The smallest of the 12 islands. The island, where ancient ruins and luxury restaurants meet, is one of the most visited private yacht charter holidays.There is a medieval castle in the old capital of Chalki Island. Agios Ioannis Alarga Monastery is a monastery located on the westernmost part of the island.

After seeing the island turistiks sights, you can explore the historic old town and other parts of the island.

Day 7

Rhodes is the largest and most advanced of the twelve islands. Rhodes, known as the island of the sun, is hot all day and under all the sun. This island, where you can wander off with cool drinks on hot summer days, offers endless food and drinks to its visitors.

The island of interesting architecture and world-renowned museums allows you to spend a quiet day before ending your charter holiday.