7 Days of Marmaris, Highlights From a Marmaris Gulet Trip


Filled with stunning history, surrounded by bewildering nature, famous for its marinas and worldwide in yacht tourism, Marmaris is the perfect spot to start off your Marmaris gulet trip. You will be able to enjoy your phenomenal voyage to the fullest, thanks to our experienced and debonair crew who takes your desires as their top priorities. With the itinerary we have prepared for you, we leave you no chance to miss out the secret beauties around Marmaris. Let’s get into it!

Day 1

Marmaris, being located in a perfect place to start a gulet charter vacation, has its own charming aspects to be experienced. So before sailing out to your gulet trip, it would be appropriate to see around to get a sense of what this lovely town may offer.

After gathering together with your beloved ones and your private crew, your reliable companions on sea, it would be nice to visit Marmaris Castle, which is around three millennia old, also the museum inside. Having been a popular location for tourists, there are many options for shopping and sightseeing in the center. You will have all you may need and then you will be ready for the gulet trip. It would be nice to call it a day with a special dinner, sampling the deliciousness of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines.

Day 2

Leaving Marmaris will only bring you more adventure and exploration and joy in general.

First stop will be Dalyan, which is situated among all green and whose land also divided to pieces with the beautiful Dalyan river. Being located among natural blessings, Dalyan has also historical sites to visit. Though they were built to be unreachable, Lycian Tombs are there to see and wonder. The ruins of ancient city of Kanos is also worth a visit. Hours of walking and exploring may leave you yearning for relaxation at the seaside and Dalyan also provides pretty nice beaches like Iztuzu. This is also where the endangered turtle species lives and nesting areas are strictly protected.

Day 3

Going south, another day and another naturally protected bay and well known town, especially for the marinas and the facilities it offers for gulet trip lovers.

Gocek will give you a warm welcome and you may feel the urge to step outside to have a sense of the daily life of the locals. There you will find small shops of local products, arts and crafts stands and you may also stop by at a local small size restaurant, where you can feel the taste of the local cuisine. For swimming and also diving, you may choose one of the shiny beaches of the town or you may sail away to the Gocek Island, very close to the main land. There you will find the hushed atmosphere for your relaxation for sure. For dinner you should definitely seek for the local catch, depending on the time of the year, they can be up to forty fish in variety, they say.

Day 4

Fethiye is one of the major southern gems when you go on a gulet charter holiday in Turkish riviera.

Spanning a larger area and including many different options for holidaymakers both near the sea and on land, Fethiye needs to be experienced as much as you can in a short period of time. In the bay Fethiye lies across, there is the Calis Beach, the central relaxation place of both the locals and tourists, as well as many hotels, restaurants and places for everyday shopping. Against the beach you may see many anchored vessels near the island of Sovalye. You may join in the band visiting the island a for a few hours and then proceed with your trip in Fethiye, digging in towards the inner areas to visit the most favorable historical sites. Suggested places should surely include the ancient city of Letoon, which was accepted as a world heritage site long time ago.

A gulet trip to Fethiye would be incomplete without a visit to Oludeniz area. A very welcoming area for seafarers, Oludeniz, geographically, is one of the most unique locations in these coastal region. Your trip to Fethiye may happily end with a delicious dinner consisting of Turkish local delicacies under the bright moonlight.

Day 5

As you sail through the waters around Fethiye, without having to travel further, you should also give another island nearby island a special attention.

Gemile Island is a 9 km gulet trip from central Fethiye. Besides being a nice summer spot with virgin beaches, its roots go back into the ancient times, the traces of which you can see as you visit the remnants across the island. Also known as the island of St. Nicholas, the first settlements date back to the fifth century and especially sacred buildings, including churches, chapels or religious schools, cover the majority of the ruins. You may explore the island and then dedicate the rest of your day to a picnic with the beloved ones in a perfect scenery. Evening may also be for the exploration but not within the island, this time around, in your gulet, sailing the hidden coves the island offers.

Day 6

Going back to Marmaris, it is always a good idea to visit places that have been left unseen while cruising forth.

Sarigerme is a coastal village, that should not go unnoticed on the way to Marmaris. Surrounded by pines and having a 7 kilometer long sandy beach and shallow, bright waters, it is also a preservation site. There is all the joy related to the sea and the shiny beaches present in Sarigerme, including a tiny island nearby, Babaada. You can also drop the anchor near Babaada, to enjoy the scenery of Sarigerme from there. Having experienced a rejuvenation with the help of locals and the lovers of nature, this place used to house a Roman settlement in ancient times, called Pisilis. Very few remnants of that is visible but it may give way to imagination. Also, a very pleasant surprise may welcome you if you visit the village in the right time of the year. Sarigerme Kite Festival is a visual feast for the visitors. A small village but a very memorable day of your gulet trip for sure!

Day 7

As your marvelous gulet trip comes to an end, Marmaris is ready to be enjoyed once more, maybe sparing a longer time before you head back home.

Being one of the holidaymakers’ favorites, the town offers lots of places for shopping and sightseeing. A spectacular coastline of the marinas also hosts some of the most delicious food you may find in town.

If you would choose cooling of on some time of the day, you may lie down at one of the luxurious beaches, that are also the favorites of water sports aficionados. Coming back home from a glorious gulet trip route, you will have to know that the best souvenirs you will bring will no doubt be the great memories of this journey.