7 Day Croatia Charter Itinerary – Pula to Vibo Valentina

Stunning History of Europe

Ideal for summer season

Luxury yacht charter in Croatia offers its passengers some of the best view in the region. While sailing in this region, you will experience a week-long tour with towns settled in rock faces and beautiful beaches will salute you. You will enjoy this “Adriatic fantasy” with your whole body and never forget it. With your expert captain and its crew in your luxury charter yacht, journey starts at Pula and move to its dedicated destinations to realize your dream.

Day 1


Before sailing with your luxury yacht charter, we strongly suggest you visit this lovely fishing town.

With its 3,000 years-old history, Pula is the biggest city located in the southern of Istrian peninsula. You can visit the amphitheater – the six largest remaining Roman arenas in the globe – and if you manage your time correctly, you can have the chance to see the film festival in the amphitheater. Another must-go place is the temple of Augustus. There are two other temple – temple of Jupiter and Minerva – but only Augustus is visible today.

After visiting the ancient sights, you can taste the local flavor in Kod Kadre. It is small, but warm place that you enjoy before embarking with your yacht charter.

Day 2


Along with its magnificent beaches and natural beauties, this place has a historical texture with many renaissance and gothic influences. You can experience both the sandy beaches and the rich history of the island.

Stari Grad, the oldest town in Croatia, is in the historical core of the island. In each corner of the town, there are sign of history and culture. The most significant feature of Stari Grad is its agricultural zone which is under protection of UNESCO. You can also taste delicious wine while your visiting these zones.

Walking on the streets covered with lavender gardens will immediately absorb you deep into the town. You can make your way to the hill to see the scenic view of the island. Then, in the evening you have your dinner from some fine cuisine in the region.

Day 3


You next destination is the coastal location in the area, the country of Montenegro, the city of Budva. This place also called “the Miami of Montenegro”, probably because of beautiful and long coats, active nightlife and historical texture of the city. This city is ready to drive you deep into itself.

The town has two part, old and new one. The old town can be traced back to 2,500 year. This part was nearly destroyed by many earthquakes but was restored accurately. Once being under control of Ottoman Empire, this place has a special charm with all castle that built to protect the city.

Despite being a popular touristic destination, there are some private opportunities. With private beaches that can only be accessible by special vessels, enjoy the peaceful and quite beach and listen the sound of the wavs.

At the end of the day, if you have still energy, then the nightlife of Budva is in your services.

Day 4


Your next stop is one of the greenest islands in the Greek region, Corfu.

You can rest peacefully in this rural and sleepy island. Being away from the touristic stop points, makes this island a perfect place for a private yacht charter. Along with its 200 km of beaches, each point like your own special place that you can lay and enjoy the sun.

And of course, when we talk about Greek, we cannot move on without mentioning its glory history. The temple of Poseidon, for ones who have never seen, is one of the significant examples of this great history and culture. Many of the temples were became ruin because of the time elements, but you can still feel the presence of the GODs deeply from the ruins.

With all its offering, you will enjoy each second that you spend in Corfu.

Day 5


Your next destination is Gallipoli. This city is splinted into two part, old and new town. In the new one, you will see the huge modern buildings, but in the old one is a small historical peninsula that connected with a bridge made in 16 th century. The walls that surrounds the east of the peninsula have been made in 13 th century. You can easily feel the ancients’ spirit in this part of the city. In the other part of the city, in the south, snow-white sands meet with turquoise sea and form incredible beaches that you can enjoy. The perfect way to end the day is to spin your white wine while you are watching the sunset from the Il Bastione Restaurant.

Day 6


Taormina, a small town located in the Ionian Sea, is a region that interwind with history. With its charming sights and peaceful atmosphere, this city not only welcomes the tourists, but world-wide celebrities like Oscar Wilde and Richard Wagner.

You can start your day with a massage treatment at a high-quality spa center that you find in the tourist era. Then, you can move on for a Michelin style lunch before to an energetic afternoon.

With its all majesty, Mount Etna is a perfect spot to visit. There are tours that you can participate, but even you couldn’t make to top, don’t worry. There are plenty place during the climb that you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the region. After returning from this visit, you can rest on your luxury yacht or on the sandy beaches.

Day 7

Vibo Valentia

Before ending this fantastic journey with your luxury charter yacht, take a time in the isolated beach and remember each moment that you spent during your voyage.