7 Days of Bodrum, Highlights From a Bodrum Gulet Trip


Planning the itinerary of the gulet charter you will hire in Bodrum is essential for your pleasure in this most popular coastal town of Turkish riviera. The routes stated here will include the best ways to enjoy Bodrum in its full sense. Your requirements always are the priority and your expectations will be met depending on the season and locations you will choose to visit.

Day 1

Bodrum is the perfect place in all aspects to kick off the gulet trip of your dreams. You will be able to plan everything in your private gulet charter with your beloved ones with the help of our experienced crew.

Besides being the most favorable summer spot in Turkey, Bodrum also offers the conveniences of a big city, thanks to a great number of shopping possibilities, whatever it is that you need will be within your reach. Going around to fulfill your requirements for the gulet trip, high variety of restaurants providing the best examples of Turkish cuisine and bars to have your cocktail while you take a break to chill out. Then you may go on exploring the great cultural and historical sites of central Bodrum. Surely, the spectacular Bodrum Castle will be your first glimpse through the history of this unique place. Night time it builds up a great view under the stars and in the special decorative lightings. Remember that Bodrum nights may offer anyone of any taste a great deal of options of the best quality.

Day 2

Your gulet charter trip starts with the Gulf of Gokova, which contains the famous Sedir Island. This is also known as the Cleopatra Island and the beach is under protection due to the valuable sand and shells that are Egyptian in origin.

The uniqueness of the island will also be visible if you have any interest in diving. There are some popular locations that are the favorites of water sports aficionados. To cool off, there are also some calm places to swim and chill. A well deserved evening with the best of Turkish cuisine will be waiting for you in the welcoming atmosphere of your vessel.

Day 3

Starting off a great peninsula and heading out to another unique one will be your regular privilege that needs no praise. As you head towards south, Datca peninsula will appear with the ancient remnants of Hellenistic period, especially at the tipping point, Knidos.

Arrive in deep blue Göcek Bay, sometimes called the Gulf of Fethiye, and you’ll find you aren’t alone in marveling at its magnificence. These pine forested-shores, ancient towns, and endless beaches are pretty much a required stop for anyone traveling by sea along the Turquoise Riviera.

This historical location had first been colonized in seventh century and used to be an important mercantile port of Dorian civilization. Ancient ruins include temples dedicated to Demeter and Dionysus, two theaters, two harbors, an agora and more. A long day of witnessing the way the ancient settlers lived on this soil will be waiting for you. When it gets dark, you will also have time to relax and enjoy time with your beloved ones on board.

Day 4

At the center of Datca peninsula, lies the beautiful coastal town of Datca. While you are visiting the peninsula, it should be a must to see around this cozy and brilliant place.

This is a paradise for nature lovers, thanks to the high number of bays and inlets, that are combining the green and the blue in the best possible way. A gulet charter trip is ideal to explore the area but you should definitely step out the vessel to best appreciate the value of the town. Food and the natural products are unique to the region and it would be nice to take some of them with you while you are leaving. A day of walking through this peerless place may end in the old town, which is a charming place full of stone buildings protected through decades and narrow streets or cobblestone.

Day 5

The best is still yet to come in this beautiful peninsula of Datca.

As you leave Datca, the central town, you may sail through the deep gulf of Hisaronu, that offers the ultimate brilliance of the region with many place of spectacular sceneries. Again, you should be exploiting the privileges of your private crewed gulet charter, experiencing the most you can in this gulf, not densely populated, but thoroughly sophisticated. The water is one of the best for swimming in the area, there are many small coastal villages and coves that needs at least some hours to enjoy. There are couple of natural reserve areas you may check and many places for the ones who are interested in exploring the beauties of underwater life. Hisaronu, Selimiye, Orhaniye and Inbuku are some of the popular places that deserve the praise.

Day 6

Going south in your luxurious gulet, feeling the Mediterranean breeze, there will appear a naturally protected bay, and a small town called Bozburun.

This is a welcoming destination for gulet lovers, with its small but useful harbor and still waters. Almost an undiscovered location in the area, it is usually notable for natural way of life the locals choose to live and the peaceful effect on the visitors. You may easily check out the surrounding coves and tiny islands against the central village of Bozburun and enjoy your evening either in a small local restaurant or in the privacy of your fully equipped gulet under the stars.

Day 7

When it is time to go back to where you started, that does not necessarily mean that the pleasure, the exploration and the thrill will come to an end.

Having already visited the Bodrum Castle, there are still lots of historical sites to see and experience. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is a certified wonder coming through the ancient times. Ancient theater, the ruins of the ancient town of Pedasa and Underwater Archeology Museum will worth some attention and will take you to another time, to the time of the old settlers of the area. Considering Bodrum is a booming place for the nightlife lovers, you may want to spare some of your energy for the night, before packing your bags and heading home with unforgettable memories from the nicest days of summer.