7-Day Sailing Itinerary: Sailing through Croatia

Naviera Yachting is here to ensure that you have the best time during your gulet charter experience and this exquisite sailing route through the best coasts of Adriatic will fill you with memories you will never forget. Let’s get into it!

Day 1

Dubrovnik – Šipan

The island of Šipan, carrying the characteristic of being the biggest island of Elafiti Archipelago, intrigues lots of tourists with its historical ruins dating as back as to 11th century, fascinating beaches with crystal clear swimming water and charming orchards. Suđurađ and Šipanska Luka, the two exquisite villages of the island invite the tourists to explore the natural and historical beauties of the island. Šipan is one of the islands with a history that is worth investigating but even if you are not into history, you can just appreciate the amazing view while enjoying the delicious seafoods at the cafes or restaurants by the shore.

Day 2

Šipan – Polače (Island Mljet)

Adorned with the best shade of green, Island Mljet presents the travelers with a visual feast. The north-west part of the island is National Park of Mljet, one of the Croatian National Parks, which enhances the appeal to visit this island even more. Besides having a striking beauty, Mljet also hosts mythological stories. Legend says, Odysseus was trapped in a cave after he was shipwrecked because he was charmed by the beauty of Calypso and the island itself. That cave near Babino Polje, now being called the Odysseus Cave, besides providing shelter for boats, creates a color spectrum and procures an amazing opportunity for photographers. Apart from all the alluring views, the turquoise water surrounding the island not only exhilarates but also calms the minds of the travelers making Mljet a perfect destination.

Day 3

Zaklopatica (Island of Lastovo)

With its pine forests, architecturally satisfying historical villages on top of the hills, clean bays and freshening air; Zaklopatica presents an opportunity for those who wants a calm and humble holiday, as it wraps you with a sense of blissful nostalgia. The Lastovo Archipelago is being accepted as the eleventh natural park of Croatia since 2006 thus the natural beauty of the Island of Lastovo remains to be untouched and continues to be an alluring destination for your gulet charter. While getting lost in the pristine streets of the villages and fulfilling your longing with the nature you will consider the reality of fairy tales again when you visit Zaklopatica.

Day 4

Lastovo – Korčula

Korčula, birthplace of Marco Polo, the most touristic island of all, not just a mini-Dubrovnik but also a perfect vacation destination. The peerless beaches and coves, the amazing scenery at the top of the hills, the historical towns with satisfying and an amazing nightlife invite you to have the fun of your life while getting absorbed into the sui generis aura of the island. Korčula offers a range of activities to you differing from outdoor adventure activities to sightseeing Medieval Towns. If you think both the adventure activities and sightseeing is too full of action for you, you can just enjoy the isolated coasts and coves. There is room for everyone in Korčula!

Day 5

Korčula – Pomena (National Park of Mljet)

Pomena is a little village and it holds the position of being the predominant entrance to the National Park of Mljet, a Park marked by its extraordinary landscape, flora and richness of the aquatic biota. Pomena is just a 15 minutes-walk from Malo Jezero, the small saltwater lake of the Park. Pomena is attracting tourists with its newly built hotel, local shops, restaurants, coffee bars and a bay that ensures security for anchorage as the bay is protected by the Island of Pomestak, which also serves as a local naturist beach. With the amazing view of the National Park of Mljet and the cute atmosphere of a local village, Pomena deserves to be on this sailing itinerary!

Day 6

Mljet – Kobaš Bay (Pelješac)

The diverse background of Pelješac has reflected itself upon the architecture of the peninsula. The famous Walls of Ston surrounds the Ston village and seperates the area from the mainland, creating a sense of time-travel. Besides the exquisite structures, the peninsula is filled with orchards, vegetation and vineyards. Famous for oysters, clams, vines, dried figs and olive oil Pelješac also promises a feast of taste. Kobaš Bay with its qualified marina and gentle beaches will be the perfect place to anchor your gulet and enjoy a day full of sunshine in Pelješac.

Day 7

Kobaš Bay – Lopud – Dubrovnik

As the time flies, you won’t even notice you are approaching to your last destinations, however all good things must come to an end. Lopud Island will be a swimming spot for you on the way back to Dubrovnik. As you sail to the city of Dubrovnik you will acknowledge the charm of this city and fall in love with Dubrovnik if you haven’t already. Enjoy the UNESCO protected city as you get engulfed in the authenticity of the Pearl of the Adriatic and never forget the memories you have created during your gulet charter experience!