Day Sicily Charter Itinerary

Amalfi Cost and Sicily

From the wild energy of Naples to the stunning volcanic beauty of the Aeolian archipelago, this 7-day charter route will give you an unforgettable Italian adventure for life

Day 1

Naples to Sorrento and Capri

With a lively atmosphere and a UNESCO world heritage site, Naples is a great way to start your crewed yacht vacation on the Amalfi Coast.

Spend time exploring the streets lined with museums, workshops and museums such as the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which have the world’s best collection of Pompeian frescoes and mosaics. Don’t forget to experience the most famous cuisines of Italy.

After boarding your yacht, enjoy the view as you stroll through Sorrento’s cliff-seaside town, a gateway to Amalfi Coast. Afterwards, you will enjoy the sun on the deck as you head towards the charming island of Capri for a fine dining experience under the stars.

Day 2

Nerano to Capri

Capri’s impressive landscape and old-world Italian charm have long been a magnet for crewed yachts and the artistic spirits of the inspired world.

Capri is a must-see on any Mediterranean blue cruise. The island became popular in the 1950s. There are two towns on the island that are easily accessible on foot. Anacapri and Capri Town offer the island’s luxury and beauty.

There are also many hidden coves where you can explore for afternoon sunbathing before returning to the ship to swim in the clear waters of Nerano. If you wish, you can dine on the boat with a menu prepared by your own chef. If you want to go ashore, Lo Scoglio, run by the same family for many years, is a popular stop.

Day 3

Nerano to Positano

On the third day of your Italian voyage, you will continue to the beautiful Positano off Punta Campanella.

Positano is famous for its colorful houses lined on high cliffs and stunning sunset views. This sea, where the sea looks more blue, carries deep traces of the ancient Romans. Fragments of original architecture and ornaments can be seen at the Museo Archeologico Romano, on the coast of Positano. At the end of the day, you can dine here before returning to your yacht.

Day 4

Positano to Amalfi to Ravello

Called ‘The Pearl of the Amalfi Coast’, Amalfi is famous for its historic importance and green spaces. After anchoring your luxury yacht in the open, explore the historic center, Sant’andrea Cathedral and try the region’s most famous drink, limoncello. Mountaintop Ravello is more of a hidden treasure – it blends hearts with cultured villas and musical history. The summer festival hosts more than 2000 classical concerts in the town, which are respected every year by composer Wagner.

With private yacht charter, you will have the freedom and flexibility to visit all of these beautiful towns, and you will also have the chance to anchor in quiet and secluded bays.

Day 5

Panarea to Stromboli

After dinner, head to the Aeolian Islands and wake up in the morning to see the wonderful beauty of the volcanic Stromboli.

The island is home to one of the three active volcanoes in Italy. You can climb the summit of the volcano with a private guide. Although part of the island has been damaged by the volcano in the past, black sands and unusual settlements are truly remarkable. You will then move on to Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian islands. With warm clear waters, this area is ideal for snorkelling.

Day 6

From Panarea to Salina to Vulcano

On the 6th day of your magnificent blue cruise, you will depart from Panarea to the lush island of Salina.

Here, among the lively pink bougainvillea, white houses, trees full of figs, lemons and grapefruit, as well as grape trees, you will feel yourself in the lap of the Mediterranean. Vulcano is famous for the thermal mud lake produced by the volcano, close to the harbor. After having a mud bath in rich mineral sludges, you can clean up in the surrounding hot springs. If you prefer your spa treatments in a more luxurious setting, you can go to the 5-star private resort Therasia Resort.

Day 7

Vulcano to Lipari

On the last day of your Mediterranean blue cruise you will leave Vulcano to reach Lipari.

Lipari, the largest and most populous island of the Aeolian Islands, is a great way to end your week in style. In the typical Mediterranean town of Lipari, you can admire the ancient fortress that proudly watches the town and explore the historic center and the ancient acropolis. There are also many sandy beaches that you can enjoy before leaving.