6 Day Croatia Charter Itinerary – Tivat, Montenegro to Trogir, Croatia (!)

Island-hopping in Croatia

Great for summer and winter

The “pearl of Adriatic” is a perfect destination for luxury yacht charter. All your and your party’s needs – including any cultural features and events that you wanted – would be created professionally by your expert captain and crew.

Day 1

Porto Montenegro, Tivati

Begin your Croatia Charter journey in Porto Montenegro, home of sailors for hundreds of years. You would feel the spirit of old times lives by the Barska Olympiad and Summer Fests. And you can taste from gourmet restaurants and take a tour to luxury boutiques. You can be sure that every luxury desire will be met.

Day 2

Pomona, Mljet

Your next destination is Pomona, on the west of the island of Mljet. This lovely place is home to one of the most beautiful National Park in the Mediterranean. You can also enjoy the unbelievably blue saltwater lakes or relax on the forest-lined beach. A perfect spot for everyone.

Day 3

Luka Velji Lago, Lastovo

Sail to Lastovo to the port of Luka Velji Lago and find out the beauty of clean bays, lush hills with pine forests, historical villages and abundance of fresh fish and seafood. This unspoiled island is the perfect spot for a private gulet charter.

Day 4


Beautiful beaches, Venetian architecture from 17th -century and gourmet seafood restaurants, everything you need is here, in Vis. Especially, you experience the East Mediterranean culture and cuisine. High-end restaurants are guaranteeing to serve the best quality of food to your table.

Day 5


Hvar, with its spectacular beaches, waterfalls, and pine forests; stands out with its natural beauties. The charm of the warm Mediterranean climate provides a fantastic private yacht charter vacation. And don’t forget to enjoy the nightlife of the island. You would find something that suits your mood.

Day 6


One of the best ways to end a yacht charter, Trogir. Since 1997, Trogir has been in the UNESCO cultural heritage list and has a magical atmosphere for its visitors. This place has a 2,300-year-old history and is home of most protected Romanesque-Gothic artifacts. With cafes, tavernas, and bars in the town, you can finish this journey.