Imagine and Experience With Naviera Yachting

Naviera Yachting is a luxury yacht charter company and specialises in providing the finest luxury yachts to destinations throughout the world. Whether you are interested in a big gulet charter for big families, small and chic ones for romantic honeymoon holiday or different gulets for adventure, we are able to find the perfect solution to guarantee you an unforgettable yachting experience.

“A yacht charter and blue cruise experience beyond your dreams”

Yacht charter and blue cruise in Turkey

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Yacht charter and blue cruise in Croatia

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Simply contact us to plan the holiday of your dreams.

Our experienced team will provide you with all the necessary help to enrich your experience. So, what are the stages of planning the perfect getaway?

1.Gulet selection and rental

The right gulet selection guarantees your comfort and happiness throughout your holiday. Boat features, the planned length of the tour, the number of people who will stay on the boat, and the general features of the tour are all important details to consider. See more frequently asked questions for more information.

Deciding destination and route

The next step after gulet selection is to determine the destination and route. You can set a route according to the places you want to see, your location, and the length of your holiday. Our team will help you determine the best route before you leave. However, changes can be made on the route while under way with the agreement of the captain.

Preparation and start of tour

Before you start your tour, our team will tell you what you need to do to prepare for your trip and what you need to take with you for the journey. You won’t need to bring anything apart from your personal belongings as our crew will provide you with everything you need during your journey. Your perfect vacation will start at the designated time from the designated dock. If you are coming from a different city or country and not from where the tour starts, we can help you with all the transportation details.