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Marmaris Gulet Cruises

Located on the fascinating shoreline of south western Turkey's Mugla province, Marmaris is usually considered as the pearl of the region, where you can enjoy the pleasures of Aegean coastline and also can feel as if you could touch the Mediterranean close by. It is no surprise that these conjunction area and its surroundings are flooded with tourists each year, starting from spring time.  Usually considered as a heavenly way to spend the summer days, the best way should be Marmaris Gulet Cruises, taking into account that the area is a bit rugged geographically.

It is a well known harbour where you can take a trip to almost anywhere near, even Greek islands, let alone the bays and islands waiting for you at a stone's throw.

Unlike many similar travel destinations alongside the coast, Marmaris may have the full potential to keep you pleased and busy for a long time, thanks to the area that is offering plenty of  coves and bays looking modest in first look yet magical once entered.

It has been a settlement that is believed to be reaching out to 9th century BC. Ancient name of the city was Physkos and it was a renowned Carian (an ancient civilization which lived around the Mugla province of south western Turkey) harbour which attracted the great conquestors many times through centuries' including Alexander The Great, Roman Emperors and Ottoman Sultans.

For many decades, it has been the point of attraction for foreigners who love the sea life and for locals a stunning location to get rid of all bad vibes in a short period of time.

Marmaris Gulet Cruises now offer you the best way to dig into this paradise on earth. Once you have an overview look of the yacht marina and harbour area from your comfortable gulet' then you can start planning your trip, starting from the Old Center, which is the choice of the majority of the visitors. There is the old castle and the museum right in the center to see around and appreciate the history. You can have difficulty choosing between the shiny beaches. Cleaopatra and the Kizkumu Beaches are two of the most famous ones. You can listen the story of Cleaopatra beach from the locals and enjoy the beauty which is borrowing its name from pretty and seductive Cleopatra herself.

Kizkumu is also a unique beach which they say that you can literally walk on water.

Speaking of sea life, you should also try the lovely islands, such as Sedir (Cedar in Turkish) and Cennet (Paradise in Turkish) where you can both enjoy the scenery and also visit some of the ancient remnants of old civilizations and rock tombs.

If you ever have the chance to exceed your holiday a few days more, Marmaris Gulet Cruises can offer you more and more. As mentioned before, there are many cosy bays and towns around Marmaris area that deserves at least a couple of days.

Dalyan and Icmeler are the first ones on the list. Who knows' you may be seeing the seals of Dalyan if you go on time. Icmeler is also a tiny coastal village whose popularity is on the rise. If you have made up your mind two hidden gems of the coast should be Selimiye and Orhaniye, which are ideally suited for the ones who can enjoy every aspect of life on gulets.

Also, whenever you set your foot on land, never forget to go deeper to explore the remnants of  ancient civilizations, whose foot prints will always be your guide to the place to be, which is Marmaris itself.

Why should you book a gulet charter in Marmaris?

Because you should enjoy one of the favorite summer places in Turkey with your rules and according to your way of exploring. Marmaris, a beloved coastal area, with countless natural beauties to see, with a welcoming climate, and stated right where Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea. You may have the taste of both in your all-star gulet and never be rooted in one place, instead, you may take your time and sail away to the hidden coves and villages, your crew being the major assistant on sea. The bay that protects Marmaris and Datca peninsula nearby are best enjoyed with Marmaris Gulet Charters. Greek Islands will also be at a stone’s throw, as long as you have settled in your sailing hotel. Despite being one of the most preferred holiday sites in south-western Turkey, Marmaris has tens of little places still waiting to be explored and enjoyed, lots of them best accessible through the sea. All sorts of finding pleasure are welcomed in Marmaris Gulet Charters and you should know that this is the trip you can literally plan according to your way of spending your summer days. No obligations and many new things to be savoured.
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