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Gocek Gulet Cruises

Gocek is one of the most favoured coastal towns situated towards the southern shores of beautiful Aegean and where you can feel the warm Mediterranean breeze close by. It is no secret that thanks to its privileged location, one can easily reach the adorable town by land or by Dalaman Airport, which is at a distance of just around 18 kilometers, but Gocek Gulet Cruises may be the best option to see the brilliance of the geography, endowed with many natural treasures and man made conveniences.


Until the 80's, it used to be a virtually unknown town hosting small harbours that allowed the local tradership. The beauty of the bay, peaceful waters suiting the needs of yachtsmanship and the perfect location made it prosper into something more but never into something that is of grand scale. Still cosy and warm, both in terms of climate and the people, it is the temporary paradise of the big city people, mostly from western Turkey.


Sure there are many shiny beaches nearby, not reaching endless lengths but offering a place for daily relaxation. But in fact, Gocek is all about the bays, hidden coves and many tiny islands that you can best enjoy with the most comfortable gulet cruise of your summer days.


Better known for the 6 fully equipped marina, it may be the favourite shore for the ones who know how to get the most out of the sea. Considering you will be seduced by the radiant splendor this little town and surroundings, Gocek Gulet Cruises can take you to every bay and petite island, having you yearning for more each day.


Breathing will be a pleasure among the pines and smelling the orange and lemon trees would be an inspiration near the turquoise waters. Bays and coves are the must see in this hidden yet beautiful coastline, inluding Hamam, Göbün, Kille Bükü, Yavansu, Marti, Bedri Rahmi, Sarsala and countless others that you can discover for yourself and beloved ones. Islands would be the cherry on the cake. Gocek Island, Domuz, Tersane and Yassica Islands may be the ones that should top your cruise route. You may easily stop by to cool off for some hours on each of them.

Each bay and island will tell you its own unique story, coming through ages.


Tersane Island, meaning “Shipyard Island” in Turkish, for instance, used to host the old, now abandoned Greek settlements and the shipyard, whose remnants you may observe.

While Sarsala will offer the longest beach nearby, you can dive in the blue to see the underwater treasures at Yavansu. Hamam, meaning “Bath”, will allow you to see a glimpse of the times when Byzantine architecture was dominant.


Flavours of the scenery should probably followed by the flavours of the palate. You can taste the regional fish that can reach up to 40 or 50 depending on the season and never forget the traditional Aegean mezes, which should vary in each restaurant you will visit.

If you will be pleased to be surrounded by the natural beauties the sea and the coast will generously offer, Gocek Gulet Cruises would be the choice of your summer time, full of moments of joy, all to be remembered for years to come.

Why should you book a gulet charter in Gocek?

Being a rather smaller scale vacation spot compared to Fethiye, Bodrum or Marmaris, Gocek and its ports never lack the competence for gulet charters, quite the contrary, this cozy bay include all facilities you may expect for your gulet. Naturally protected ports secure the vessels very well and you may enjoy these still and bright waters wherever and whenever you would like. Gocek Gulet Charters are the best way to explore the tiny islands in the bay and all bay area itself, famous for the inlets and coves. You will have the opportunity to choose from a catalogue of gulets, suited for every need of every group of holidaymakers. Natural scenery of the area makes it fascinating to be experienced from the sea, as blue and green share the picture with respectfully implemented summer residences. Being in one of the favorites of the locals and also having easy access to outer seas are both possible with Gocek Gulet Charters.

Our experienced crew will always be there for you when you need assistance on the way to exploring the shiny shores of Gocek. You will always be guaranteed to have your share from the paradise, as you step inside and decide to sail away.
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