Yacht Charter in Fethiye

A Trip To Fethiye

Fethiye is where Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean and makes both beauties meet in one rich region, well known for its pearly beaches, historical treasures from Hellenistic Period, coves and valleys like hidden gems, trekking routes and little and cozy islands around. All those may be available to you thanks to Fethiye Gulet Cruises.

As it is one of the busiest touristic harbors of Southern Turkey, it is the finest destination to kickstart a gulet cruise. At the center you can find everything you will need in a holiday destination, and most likely more. Calis Beach is located in central Fethiye and lies along for miles, side by side with plenty of bars, beach clubs, cool restaurants where you can enjoy the marvelous sea view while sipping your favorite cocktail.

Having many of the most pristine coves and valleys of the region unfurled for your experience, it is both a privilege sailing with a gulet on peaceful waters and the most convenient way of reaching out to those hidden paradises.

Moving south from the center you should see the ancient Lycian kings' tombs, such as the one for King Amyntas, which are around 2400 years old. There you may contemplate the life of the wise and mighty, transpiring through time.

Among the hills of pines, southern goes the road to Ölüdeniz, known also as Blue Lagoon, which is also one of the most preferred summer destinations of the area. It is where the calm sea meets the steep hills around. It is said that while all other coves are wrestling with waves in stormy days, Ölüdeniz is flurry at most. It is almost impossible to feel the geographical privilege this lagoon has. Location is also perfect for harboring of the gulets. A must see part of Ölüdeniz is where the national park is located, named Kidrak, where also you may enjoy the uniqueness of the beach, as well as the preserved natural life. Speaking of natural parks, you may also want to dig in deeper into the coastal area to see Saklikent Natural Park, where you can cool yourself off with icy waters while having the chance to do the trekking among steep canyons.

One of the more contrasting features of the region is that you can also go up to Mount Babadag, which is the most popular destination for paragliding. Many of the first timers choose here for starting the adventure at the hands of the professionals.

Thanks to Fethiye Gulet Cruises, you may also experience many of the greatest sights of the pristine coves, such as the Valley of The Butterflies and Kabak, both preserved areas you can most easily travel by gulets. Breath taking sights awaiting you in those places will be available to most travelers, who will enjoy the nature, where blue meets the green and where nature embraces the souls. Hidden waterfalls, trekking and daily camping sites, crystalline waters and vivid Aegean scenery will welcome you both on sea and on land. Especially a must see area is the aforementioned Valley Of The Butterflies, which is home to around a number of 80 endemic butterfly species and which is declared by World Heritage Foundation as a preservation site for its unique beauty.

Fethiye Gulet Cruises offers you the holiday of your lifetime, through one of the most unrivaled routes of west Turkey with everything you need at your service in the most rugged yet splendid areas of the region. It will all be for your convenience once you get on the gulet, the rest is all about how sea life should be.

Why should you book a gulet charter in Fethiye?

That is not a difficult question for those who know the privileges of the all-star gulets, as well as the location. Fethiye, besides being one of the nicest coastal towns in Western Turkey itself, will also offer you great accessibility to neighboring bays and Turkish islands, such as Tersane, Fethiye and Gocek; Greek Dodecanese Islands and the great coastal locations nearby. Climate is perfect most of the year and Fethiye Gulet Cruises crew will direct you once you decided the starting time and the route of your trip. Our experienced team will assist you regarding the places you will enjoy most, be it a small island nearby or some ancient ruins of the historical heritage of the region or the most famous restaurants and bars you may visit during the sunset. Entertaining yourself will be your top priority on your gulet and considering a great majority of our clients are the returning ones, you may be joining us in another harbor town the next time, seeking for new adventures in a different geography.

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