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Bodrum Gulet Cruises

Bodrum is located in the coastal area of Mugla Province, in south western Turkey. It is one of the busiest towns of Turkey in terms of holiday seasons' activities. The population competes with big cities on summer months and it rises among the first choices of travellers coming from all across the world all to have a piece of the renowned Turkish riviera.

Ancient name of the town is Halicarnassos, whose traces you can find once you merge into the town. While Carians and Dorian Greeks were among the first settlers of the town, it has been a point of struggle between Greeks and Persians for centuries and through Ottoman times it has reached the modern Turkey. Now it is considered as a symbol for modern coastal towns all around the country.

As a natural harbour, it offers everything that the sea loving gulet travellers need on their sunny vacation days. Bodrum Gulet Cruises can take you to anywhere Bodrum and its surroundings may offer with the easiest and the most pleasant way you can ever think of.

Unraveling the abundance of choices, you should plan your trip according to your available days. Otherwise you should get stuck with many places to see with no time left, as this is a unique destination for both sea holidays and joys of shore lines and with historical and cultural diversity it will offer.

Unlike many of the coastal sites you will encounter in these region, Bodrum was a city of glory and outstanding beauty early days of the first settlers. That is why you can start enjoying the historical heritage as soon as you take the first step from your gulet and start digging into the center. It would only seem too obvious that you should visit the Bodrum Castle and learning the history behind it. A marvellous building that had been built as a fortress and used as a mosque and a prison through ages. Mausoleum at Halicarnassos is also a must see, a certified wonder that needs no flattering at all. To go on a tour of history and culture, this is the perfect place, but Bodrum Gulet Cruises will offer you much more to this.

You can enjoy the best of the best nightlife and fine dining here, traditional and world cuisine melting in one big pot, all to make yourself home, or maybe, better than home.

Bodrum is actually a peninsula which on every side and corner a new life bursts out. A way to best appreciate the natural beauty and never miss any spot unmarked, you may want to circle the peninsula, starting from the center. Thanks to your choice of gulet travelling, you will be no way short of resources.

You may go west to see around Bitez and Akyarlar and stop by the bays in between. Most western tips will consist of Turgutreis and Gumusluk, where you will also be close to the neighbouring Greek island of Kos. You may find yourself off the rail with the beauties of those Aegean pearls. There are also places deserving day long stays on the northern side of the peninsula. Yalikavak and Golturkbuku are the most renowned of many more sites.

Summing up together the wonders of Bodrum that you will enjoy, it may probably outscore your best expectations. Endless beaches, warm weather most of the year, nicest of food, nightlife on one side and calming breeze and nature on another, with the vastly rich history and meeting of cultures all available to you once you decide stepping up Bodrum Gulet Cruises and the rest is on ours.

Why should you book a gulet charter in Bodrum?

You should book your gulet charter in Bodrum for many reasons, some of which only Bodrum can offer. Firstly, you will have access to some of the most preferable summer locations of whole Turkey and you will experience the joy of circling the peninsula in your fully equipped gulet. You will be presented with many diverse choices, all in the same region, all deserving some attention. When only Bodrum seems to include sufficient summer vacation spots all in itself, you will also have all easy access to neighboring Greek islands, Kos being the most popular among locals, including the famous Dodecanese Islands. Your gulet will offer all you can expect from the famous hotels of Bodrum, with a major advantage of mobility. This is one of the regions, geographically, best to be enjoyed traveling on sea. Bodrum Gulet Charters will help you access to the most hidden bays of the peninsula with ease and you will also have the privilege of scheduling and revising your routes, once you meet our experienced crew and hear their expert views.
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