Gocek Gulet Charter Guide

Gocek Bay area is located within the Gulf of Fethiye, the northern side of the gulf creating another bay region. This is a both naturally protected harbor town and a protected site due the dense flora and fauna.

Being a peaceful southern fishing town, it had been virtually unknown a few decades ago but sea and holiday lovers turned it into a prosperous marina center, preserving the core values of the Bay area, intrinsic to the town itself.

Gocek Bay is the perfect place for a gulet charter that will kick-start the journey from one of the six fully equipped modern marinas located in the town.

Reasons To Visit

Perfectly suited for gulet charters
Many places for underwater enthusiasts
Natural preservation zone, flora and fauna
Bay area being a great route in itself
Lots of hidden coves and little islands to be explored

Routes to include the whole Bay and the islands that are spread out in the gulf are very popular. Easy access to Fethiye and Rhodes, as well as the other islands that are called Dodecanese is also among the preferable choices. Fethiye, being a larger scale settlement, is the nearest place you should also be visiting. Actually, many of the Gocek Bay gulet charter routes include Fethiye as one of the primary destinations.

There are a dozen islands in the bay that also contribute to the balancing of the winds going inside, working as a barrier, creating an even milder climate. The islands provide a great place both for swimming and diving, and no matter how tiny they are, they all have their stories to tell. Tersane, Gocek Islands and Yassica Archipelago, to name a few, are all famous with their pearly bright, clean waters and pine scents that comes through the covering trees.

The high number of smaller coves and inlets are also perfect to stop by in a gulet charter trip, since they all offer spectacular sceneries combined with great swimming and scuba diving locations and ancient ruins. Cleopatra, Bedri Rahmi, Gobun, Killebuku are a few of the hidden treasures of this enjoyable relaxation area.

You can also try the local cuisine of the villages around. Olive oil and local herbs form the larger part of the domestic products and they are mostly produced by age old methods. Adding those to the local fresh catch of the day would sum up to a memorable dinner on your favorite days of the year. also visit Gocek yacht charter page

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