Bodrum Gulet Charter Guide

For many of the visitors coming to Turkey to benefit the spectacular beaches, nice weather, delicious food and historical heritage, Bodrum is the first place popping into minds, as this is the most well known holiday destination for many different and easily justifiable reasons.

Located in the place where Aegean waters meet the Mediterranean, Bodrum Peninsula as a whole is a heaven for gulet cruise lovers. Marinas offer the best facilities and on land you can find everything you need to get prepared for your summer journey.

The population of the area booms during the summer months and the area is full of best restaurants, bars, cafes, the coolest beaches and commercial spaces. Traveling around the Bodrum Peninsula is always a great idea, thanks to your fully equipped gulet, as there are great places to see, each with different points of attraction to count on.

Reasons To Visit

All around holiday destination
Perfect place for gulet trips
Easy access to many different coastal areas, Turkish and Greek
Suitable for water sports and diving
Historically reach region
Nightlife and great traditional cuisine

This is also a privileged spot both being easily accessible to other Turkish coastline delights and also the glorious Greek islands, Kos being the closest neighbor.

The peninsula is not a fad of the holidaymakers for the last decades, on the contrary, it has been a center of the southwestern Turkish coastline reaching out to ancient times.

This is apparently visible when you tend to visit the monumental sites spread around all the region, to start with the magnificent Castle of Bodrum, right across the central marina and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. Both are protected sites that should only be considered as introductory, as there are many more to be enjoyed across the area.

Bodrum is considered a perfect place for gulet cruise enthusiasts both for having many of the greatest marinas and facilities of the “Turkish Riviera” and also, being in touch with many of the other favorable gulet routes in Turkey and including Greek islands nearby.

Besides being appealing to the eye, Turkey is also the place which appeals the palate. Culinary culture is sophisticated and diverse and you can enjoy most of the cuisines on western Turkey.

There will also be room for adventure for water sports and underwater enthusiasts, since there is a bustling sea life on and under these waters. If you would like to inspire yourself, these coasts are the perfect places to begin.

The Gulf of Gokova and Datca Peninsula offer many of the most memorable destinations of a gulet charter trip route and most of the Dodecanese Islands, in all sizes, are also in the neighboring zone.

It would be reasonable to spare at least a week for Bodrum and its surroundings, before deciding on a gulet charter trip with your beloved ones, as this is one of the most spectacular and all around rich areas of the southwestern Turkish coastline. also visit yacht charter in bodrum page

Turkey is awaiting you arrival with open arms!