Sicily Yacht Charter Guide

Wild West of Europe

Sicily is a very interesting Mediterranean island with both historical and natural features. Although it is one of the Italian islands, it has a unique identity structure. Sicily also has a very cosmopolitan population that blends European, African and Asian cultures. This gorgeous island with its warm, friendly people is worth a visit.

As the location, the island between Italy and Tunisia is the largest island in Italy. Cities like Palermo are very active, while the countryside is quite scenic and wild. Each city also has its own historical and natural features. With its most beautiful Norman cathedrals, medieval castles and stunning views, every corner is unique.

Reasons To Visit

Jewel-toned waters
Marvelous landscape
Unspoiled nature
Remarkable view
Delicious food
Casual and relax lifestyle

The volcano Etna is the natural beauty that best reflects the wild nature of Sicily. Living in the shade of this charming mountain, Tauroina is famous for its seaside restaurants and elegant shopping. The second largest city of Palermo, Catania, is known to have had a very difficult time due to the volcano Etna.

There is also the caravanserai dedicated to Hafsa Sultan, built in 16th century Ottoman, to be visited on a day of sightseeing. For relaxation there are lots of beaches, perfect for swimming and spending hours, both in central town and the surrounding islands and coasts. If you also would like a Turkish bath experience including an intimate care, there is also an ancient hamam, built in the name of the famous Suleyman the Magnificent.

Sicily, with its rich ancient history, has witnessed the most important historical events. Greek temples such as Agrigento and Selinunte are well preserved and survived to the present day. The extraordinary Pantalica necropolis proves how long this island has been used as a habitat for people.

Sicily also offers unlimited possibilities for sea lovers. San Vito Lo Capo beach with golden sands, a curved bay and surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, San Vito Lo Capo beach are just two of them. Zingaro Nature Reserve is one of Sicily's most beautiful natural reserves.

In addition to its historical and cultural features, Sicily is also famous for its incredibly rich cuisine. Thanks to its semi-tropical climate, pine forests and lemon trees can grow side by side. There are so many things to see on the island which is surrounded by steep cliffs and high mountains.

Italy is awaiting you arrival with open arms!