Italy Yacht Charter Guide

Discovering Italy is one of the extraordinary and a must do adventures. There are not many places that you can experience a heady mix of art, history, architecture, opera, fashion and food, and of course, with the gorgeous coastlines in la dolce vita without any effort. Italy is the destination of your life.

Reason to visit Italy

Breathtaking coastline
Stunning beaches
UNESCO heritage sites
Unique and historical architecture
Luxury resorts
World-class services

The Italian Riviera

The Italian or Ligurian Riviera presents a breezy and charming adventure that lies between the south of France and the Tuscany borders and maybe because of its unique history heartening some of Italy's most famous artists. The rocky coastline spotted with picturesque seaside villages, panoramic views, the remarkable blueness of the Mediterranean Sea that surrounded by the stunning beaches and multicolored architecture wait for you to discover with a luxury trip on a yacht charter. You would be amazed by the beauty of five unspoiled villages of Cinque Terre which is a national park protected by UNESCO, and you would continue to your journey with sipping your wine on the sundeck of your charter. No more delay for your dreamed vacation.

The West Coast

Great cities like Rome, Capri, Ravello, Naples, and Salerno is accompanying the west coast of Italy. If you wanted to visit beautiful nature, unique architecture or art, Tuscany with its unforgettable landscapes of rolling vineyards, Sienna with its medieval atmosphere and Florence with its statue of David ready to satisfy your needs. Also, if you are searching for a hot and relaxing spot, the island of Elba and the volcanic island of Ischia are welcoming you during your charter experience.


There some places that called "inside is bigger than outside," and the island of Sardinia is one of those places. With its cosmopolitan lifestyle, prehistoric culture, and breathtaking beauty opens the gate of the island and let you discover rugged coastal traits, kayak in hidden bays and its hospitable locals and wildlife. The beauty of Esmeralda's scalloped bays and Golfo di Orosei's coves would probably make Cleopatra jealous.

Amalfi Coast

Costiera Amalfitana, "sun-kissed" Amalfi Coast, with its pleasant climate, abundant resources, and natural beauty, is a well-known touristic destination. It is not surprising that in 1997, UNESCO listed this coast as a World Heritage Site. This destination also presents luxury resorts, world-class restaurants, various little shores, and coves that are far away from you. Yacht charter in Italy is in your services to bring this heaven to you.

Aeolian Islands

The UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands are that offers a magical outdoor playground to its visitors. You can swim, sail, and dive in the beautiful waters, explore the outstanding land and try honey sweet Malvasia wine like a gourmet. This place is in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily and takes its name from the demigod of the winds Aeolus.

The island of Sicily, an eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean, attracts many voyagers to its various unique landscapes and cultural memories. The famous volcanic mountain that dominates the skyline, Mount Etna would welcome you. Moreover, a must-go location, San Vito lo Capo, a bay with golden sands, suits perfectly to end a gulet chartering in Italy.

Italian East Coast

The East coast or the Adriatic Coast of Italy is 1249 long and covers seven regions. City of "love," also known as "city of canals," Venice, with its unique locations, like Piazza San Marco, creates the perfect environment for a gulet chartering. You would fell the unforgettable Adriatic experience in Trieste, meet the old sister of Istanbul, the outstanding Ravenna, and visit the historical antiquarian Rimini. A little Greek pretty Italian, Ancona welcomes you with beautiful beaches and historical places, and further, there is Puglia, the "heel of the boot," has a rare charm with its lovely towns and villages.

If you are fascinated with the locations that the guideline tried to introduce to you, then do not wait a moment and begin your journey by examining all the luxury crewed yachts for charter in Italy and call your preferred charter broker.

Italy is awaiting you arrival with open arms!