Mykonos Yacht Charter Guide

Mykonos is one of the most charming and popular islands in the Greek islands. It is a very popular local and foreign attraction center with its magnificent sunset views and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The island of Mykonos was discovered in the 1960s by bohemian travelers. it has remained popular since then. The island has a large area compared to other islands between the idyllic Cyclades. It is famous for its parties that last until the morning.

Reasons To Visit

Right at the center of a national park area
Vibrant tourist destinations
Perfect sites for diving
Easy access to hidden coves around
Sailing on gulet is the best way to explore the region

Mykonos is famous for its scenic beauty, elegant nightclubs, luxurious restaurants and traditional Greek views. To the north are more traditional villages, while to the south can be the craziest party venues.

Little Venice is the most popular part of the island. There are stylish bars and restaurants. Historic windmills lined just above this coastline are one of the most famous parts of the island.

Chora is the main town of the island. Fishing boats are lined up in the bay where the most beautiful shopping places take place. You can walk around the cobbled streets and see the stylish bars and luxury restaurants around you.

Rhenia Island and Delos Island are close to Mykonos. These two islands are quite attractive with their historical and tourist attractions. These islands, which you can easily see during your visit to Mykonos, offer a different concept and experience.

Mykonos hosts a variety of festive events throughout the summer, including a small film festival. The island is very popular in summer and is very crowded. Greece is one of the most important points of luxury yacht charter routes. Besides its cosmopolitan structure, it is a favorite of all sea lovers with its natural and relaxing bays.

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Mykonos is awaiting you arrival with open arms!