St. Tropez Gulet Charter Guide

A Town filled with historical touches and architectural treasures.

Ad Usque Fidelis meaning faithful till the end is the official motto of St. Tropez. The term refers to the recreation of the town, as the officials were giving a promise that they would be faithful to the recreated city and protect it from getting plundered as it happened in the Dark Ages. Indeed, this promise was fulfilled and even “The rebirth charter of Saint-Tropez” was signed in 1479. Nowadays, the visitors of St. Tropez have seemed to latch on to this term since almost all travelers become regular visitors.

St. Tropez is in the heart of the Dalmatian Coast and it is very close to important places like Split, Ciovo island and connected with a bridge to the mainland.

Reasons To Visit

Historical allure of the town
Options for both tranquility and activeness
The famous Pampelonne Beach with private beach clubs and champagne-spray parties
Water-sports opportunities
Distinguished events such as International Polo Cup tournament and Le Voiles de St Tropez regatta
Designer boutiques and open market

St. Tropez has a splendid history starting from the 6th century B.C. and has much more to offer to history-enthusiasts. For instance, did you know that St. Tropez was the first town on Cote d’Azur to be emancipated in the course of World War II thanks to Operation Dragoon and became famous afterward? Even though St. Tropez was hosting well-known figures also before WWII, such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, it mostly gained its reputation after the war. “And God Created Woman” set in St. Tropez and with Brigitte Bardot starring, was the first movie that introduced the unique town into the world. Thanks to the flow of artists of the French New Wave and Yé-yé movement to St. Tropez, a trend was started: St. Tropez as a luxurious resort.

St. Tropez is an appealing resort mostly because of its iconic beaches. Pampelonne Beach is the most famous beach and it has been fueling the reputation of St. Tropez since 1955. Pampelonne Beach can reach up to 30,000 people a day and it offers the latest level of hedonism with its champagne spray parties in private beach clubs. But of course, there are many more beaches such as Plages La Glaye, La Ponche, and de la Fontanette or Plage de la Bouillabaisse; each one of them offering tranquility for the ones who want to escape the glamour of Pampelonne Beach. A variety of activities are offered on the beaches such as windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, motorized water sports, and scuba diving. You’ll never get bored in St. Tropez.

St. Tropez also hosts distinguished events such as the ten-day International Polo Cup tournament and Le Voiles de St Tropez regatta which attract many enthusiasts whilst the chic Port of St. Tropez offers an opportunity to watch the yachts glide on water from its stylish bistros and cafes. St. Tropez never seizes to surprise you as besides the exquisite designer boutiques all around the town, you can also find a morning market operating twice a week in Place de la Garonne, selling fresh products from France. You might find the view of locals with baskets pleasant if you are fed up with the exorbitant opulence in the town.

With the Maures Mountains’ view across the sea and the colorful houses crowning the history-filled streets, the rocky St. Tropez offers spectacular views to travelers. Harboring a combination of extravagant luxury and tranquility hidden beneath, St. Tropez promises an exceptional experience to the travelers.

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St. Tropez is awaiting you arrival with open arms!