Going on a “Blue Voyage” on the open sea is one of the most comfortable, stylish and relaxing holidays you can have in your life. There is no better way to see the colors of the sea up close. Romantic, fun, exciting or relaxing--your experience can be whatever you want.
Blue Voyage

Naviera Bulue Voyage

There are excellent spots for a blue sea cruise throughout the world. However, none can match the unrivaled sights of the Naviera Yachts “blue cruise” to Turkey and Croatia. Don't miss this extraordinary journey that surrounds you with the blue waters of the Aegean. Experience the beauty of nature and the wonder of ancient places in sheltered bays so pristine it will seem you are the first to discover them.

Hurry to visit ancient cities, hidden coves and caves whose names you’ve never heard before. Discover the longest beaches of the Mediterranean in the comfort of a 5-star hotel on the sea with the most stylish and luxurious gulets. Watch unique sunsets while swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Dalmatian coast.

Just imagine what you want in a holiday, and leave the details to us. With the experienced team of Naviera Yachting, you will prepare the holiday experience of your dreams. You can easily contact us via our website. Our professional team will give you support for gulet boat hire, meal selection and menu creation, and route building. Contact us

You can discover the beauty of the Turkish coasts and the Croatis with the luxurious guletyachts of the Naviera Yachting fleet and have a holiday experience you will remember forever. We look forward to sharing your amazing blue cruise yachting experience with you!

Blue Voyage