Naviera Yachting, launched in 2010, organizes blue tour adventures for sea sailing enthusiasts. Our main goal is to make our visitors' most luxurious vacation fantasies a reality.

We have worked hard since our inception to develop an industry-leading reputation. Our willingness to serve our international clients with their yachting demands has driven us to world destinations.

Naviera Yachting destinations include Greece, Italy, Croatia, and Turkey. Naviera Yachting agency enriches the "blue cruise" experience with its luxury gulet fleet, professional services, and experienced crew. You can contact our professional team to design a suitable holiday plan for your luxury and comfort with a Blue Cruise.

We offer numerous cruises starting with exquisite luxury catamarans and progressing to more adventurous and demanding sailboat trips on open boats. We also provide small-group trips with a competent guide for those who want to sail on their own by hiring a yacht.


Naviera Yachting services are comprehensive and consumer-oriented. We aim to be your one-of-a-kind destination for all of your gulet yacht needs. Our global presence and expertise will help you select and charter the best boat for your needs.

You have the privilege to engage in remarkable encounters with different people and cultures, admire hidden beauties, listen to legendary tales, and discover fascinating stories lost amid the pages of history.

Naviera yachting Turkey tours create a unique and memorable experience facilitated by a seasoned guide and our qualified professionals. The right ingredients for a holiday away from the usual is where you might find yourself cruising away from the cities, traveling along the dreamy coasts of the Mediterranean. Similarly, Naviera yachting Greece routes take you through an unforgettable journey around various beautiful islands.


Naviera Yachting welcomes you to different destination choices of luxury yacht charters. Explore the wonders of Turkey's Eastern Mediterranean coast as the serene shores of Hisaronu, and Gokova Gulfs and many more await those seeking privacy and leisure aboard the friendly classic gulets and yacht sailors. Enjoy while Naviera yatching Fethiye tours take you exclusive shores and islands otherwise unreachable, or visit Bodrum to experience its famous attractions in a luxurious holiday.

By sailing in our gulet yacht, you may experience the attractions of the various locations on the intriguing Croatian coast and the iconic destinations of the Amalfi Coast of Italy and Sardinia. Exclusively planned itineraries and bespoke meals with competent crews aboard the gulet yachts are available with Navieras yatching Italy tours as in various other locations.

The gulet charter is a unique and exclusive-crewed yacht rental with an excellent vacation option that delights consumers. Our visitors return home revitalized and reunited with fond memories of the Blue Cruise experience, which is the greatest reward for Naviera Yachting in locating the perfect luxury boat for different needs.

Our visitors enjoy the plethora of opportunities that your gulet cruise provides. Consider a trip by Naviera yachting to Croatia to experience a new destination with lots of fun. You can relax on the sea shore or cruise along the coast to the next bay, swim, canoe, or scuba dive, and drop off by a rowboat to wander the forest paths. You can also sample the local cuisines, buy artifacts in village coastal areas, and explore ancient sites. Your trip might be for romance, laughter, partying, intense activity, or just for relaxation.


Realize your dream in our yacht list for charter to your chosen destination in Turkey, Croatia, Italy, or Greece. It comprises a selection of outstanding luxury yachts for your category. Naviera Yachting charter agents also offer expert advice on individual yacht rental and information on the best sailing boat in the Eastern Mediterranean region for your vacation.

A "Blue Cruise" on the open sea is one of the most luxurious, stylish, and peaceful trips you can take. There are no better ways to see the colors of the sea.


At Naviera Yachting, everything begins with showcasing the essence of a yacht to your occasion. Are you planning a memorable wedding reception or family vacation? Imagine a romantic honeymoon to the isolated beaches of Italy, wonderful coasts of Croatia, colorful beaches of Greece and famous shores of Turkey. Just share your thoughts with us then the rest will be handled by the Naviera yacht specialist's team.

We provide memorable moments in your sea-bound vacation with high-quality services to meet expectations and satisfy each individual's needs on board our vessels. We also pay special attention to safety practices with qualified personnel and good security to protect the clients' assets.